Bayern: How Kovac substitute Thomas Muller plays under Flick, is significant


Matchwinner Bayern: Thomas Muller (l.) And Robert Lewandowski. Image: ULMER via


Strengthened in 5 Days: Why a Kovac Reservist is the symbol of the Flick effect

4: 0! Bayern Munich is back – and that in the top match against Borussia Dortmund. After the 1: 5 debacle against Eintracht Frankfurt and the separation of coach Niko Kovac, the team under interim coach Hansi Flick showed a strong comeback and dominated completely hopeless Dortmund over 90 minutes. Robert Lewandowski, who scored twice, was the player of the match. But another player of FC Bayern Munich is the symbol of the Flick effect.

In the middle of the game, Robert Lewandowski floated in the air like a martial artist with an outstretched leg and plucked the ball from two meters down. He was similar to the male in the Bundesliga logo. It would fit: Lewandowski, the figurehead and currently the biggest star in the league. His goals this season 15 and 16 brought BVB to ruin. But behind the glittering striker starred another player – and revealed why Bayern in just five days from crisis club to euphoria ensemble mauserte: Thomas Muller.

Muller breaks through historic mark

The 30-year-old ran and ran and ran. He ate and squeezed. If he then had the ball, that was mostly dangerous: He put on a goal from Lewandowski, he also gave the template for the goal of Serge Gnabry. It was not just any It was Muller's 100th goal in the Bundesliga. Since the beginning of the exact data collection for the 2004/2005 season, the Oberbayer has become the first player to crack this brand.

Even otherwise, Muller lived on what had last been missing at Bayern: Aggressive pressing, pure greed and the willingness to go the extra meter for each of your own teammates. The collective at Bayern worked again and the gear Muller revealed defensively and offensively why that is so.

Under Kovac Muller was only a reservist

It is significant that Muller made such a strong game and became one of the match winners. For ex-coach Niko Kovac was among other things because of his dealings with Muller before the game of fate against Frankfurt in the criticism. Kovac had called the crowd favorite among others as an emergency nail and let him stew on the bench for weeks.

Although Kovac sat in his last games again increasingly on Muller, but mostly on the unloved right wing. So really Muller did not get under Kovac in motion. Flick, who only gave his first practice on Tuesday, put Muller on his parade behind striker Robert Lewandowski, where the 2014 World Champion feels most comfortable. The knot finally burst against BVB.

Muller is the leader and motivator

Muller showed already in the Cup success against Bochum (still under Kovac), how important he is for the team. He came at the score of 0: 1 on the field, motivated his side men, shook up, played bravely and then made in the 89th minute of the game, the 2-1 winner. Muller proved how important he is as a character, motivator and leader for the recently unsettled team, That probably had Flick in mind.

Thomas Muller motivates his teammates under the eyes of Hansi Flick. Picture: FrankHoermann / SVEN SIMON via

Flick, former assistant to Jogi LOw, knows Muller since his national team debut in 2010 and knows about the value of today's 30-year-old. Even before the match against BVB Flick von Muller had raved: "He is on the field one who can lead a team that has a tactical understanding that is snooty-eared. He's just a player you can not grab that way. "

Robert Lewandowski, who had complained that an axis of new and he was too little and there should be more leaders, now had a leader behind him.

Flick promotes communication with the team

Sky expert Lothar Matthaus ennobled Flick after the BVB game in front of the camera: "Greatest regards to Hansi Flick. It's unbelievable what he made of this team in five days. " Flick himself explained to the pay-TV channel the sudden change of the team through the many conversations with the players: "It was not so easy on Monday, we could not bring in so much content," said Flick. "We talked a lot and tried to take everyone with us."

Thomas Muller helped as an extended flick arm. "We made it clear after ten minutes that we want to win here," Muller said after the game. "We saw that we were there. " At the same time he could not resist a small swipe at Borussia Dortmund and the announcement of "men's football": "That has spurred us a bit." And he explained that the team had the duty and understood: "The alibis were gone."

Muller, who has played for 19 years at Bayern Munich and belongs to the inventory of the club, was honored before the match against BVB for his 500 competitive games (!) In Bayern jersey Muller underlined why he should continue to be in the starting eleven and is part of the flick effect. For Flick, the Muller-use has paid off. CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said after the game: "We'll continue with Hansi until further notice, he has done well now and he has our confidence."


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