Bayern: Pulverized Lewandowski Gerd Muller's record? "It does not get better"


Bayern Munich outclassed BVB in the top match on Saturday – while Robert Lewandowski continues to follow in the footsteps of Gerd Muller.

  • Bayern Munich outclassed BVB in the top match on Saturday.
  • Robert Lewandowski scored against Dortmund his 15th and 16th goal of the season.
  • The Bayern striker continues to follow in the footsteps of Gerd Muller.

"It does not get any better": Rummenigge trusts Lewandowski to increase the Gerd Muller record

Update of November 11, 2019: So slowly the superlatives go out to the current form of Bavaria's goal machine Robert Lewandowski to describe. After the furious 4: 0 victory of the German record champion over the BVB, to which the Pole once again contributed two goals, strove FCB chairman of the board Karl-Heinz Rummenigge nevertheless, to express the current achievements of Lewandowski in words.

To meet the goal statistics of the striker, Rummenigge drew after the 4: 0 comparison with an absolute club legend: Gerd "Bomber" Muller, "It does not get any better," said Rummenigge, adding, "I thought this record from Gerd Muller is for eternity. But I think Robert is the first one who can really get into the frontiers, that he can manage to jeopardize the Gerd Muller record. "

Gerd Muller's record of 40 hits in one season comes from the Season 1971/72 and has always been considered an almost unattainable record. Lewandowski, however, has straightforward eleven matchdays already 16 goals on the account, making it the first player ever to hit eleven matchdays in a row. "It's amazing that he scores one to three goals in each game meanwhile. And in a quality that can only be put to one's hat, "said Rummenigge.

Bayern Munich – Borussia Dortmund 4: 0 (1: 0), Saturday, 18.30 clock

FC Bayern Munich: Manuel Neuer – Alphonso Davies, Javi Martinez, David Alaba, Benjamin Pavard – Joshua Kimmich, Leon Goretzka (72th Thiago Alcantara) – Kingsley Coman (76th Ivan Perisic), Thomas Muller, Serge Gnabry (70th Philippe Coutinho) – Robert Lewandowski
Bank: Ulreich, Thiago, Coutinho, Cuisance, Perisic, Tolisso, May

Borussia Dortmund: Roman Burki – Nico Schulz, Manuel Akanji, Mats Hummel, Achraf Hakimi – Axel Witsel, Julian Weigl (61st Paco Alcacer) – Julian Brandt, Thorgan Hazard, Jadon Sancho (36th Raphael Guerreiro) – Mario Gotze (61st Marco Reus)

Bank: Hitz, Zagadou, Delaney, Dahoud, Alcacer, Reus, Guerreiro, Piszczek, Bruun Larsen

Gates: Lewandowski (17., 76.), Gnabry (47.), Hummels (80., EC)

Referee: Felix Zwayer (Berlin)

22:36: The evening had another surprise for FC Bayern. An old friend was at the gala in the stadium and then looked in the cabin over. And also Hansi Flick will be astonished. In an interview with Sky, he still denied any ambition for a longer commitment as head coach, but Karl-Heinz Rummenigge was there other opinion.

20:31If you have digested this surprisingly clear game, vote! Who was the best Bayer at the gala against BVB?

Played: An evening to forget for BVB! Not only that the Dortmunder again take a pack from the Bavarian capital home, the black and yellow have completely disappointed. The statistics of horror: Dortmund with two shots on goal, none of them on goal. The responsible people are visibly contrite. The Bayern Gala, so reported calf*, even effects on the job of Hansi Flick.

Enough! Bayern sends Dortmund home with a pack

92nd minute: Coutinho probably sets a completely inappropriate ending here. The Brazilian with plenty of space in front of the Dortmund penalty area. Can prepare his shot for a very long time and a Kullerball comes out next to the goal.

91st minute: Perisic digs against four men. But then remains in the box to BVB man number five, Manuel Akanji, hang. Kimmich stops the counterattack and takes a card.

88th minute: The biggest buck here is Ivan Perisic. The Croat was eaten during the week because he was late in the game against Piraeus. Urgently urgently with a goal to prove that he can be a man for more minutes. Now puts his shot to the right.

85th minute: The game is coming to an end and the Bavarians can afford a few unfocusednesses and treat Dortmund to slightly larger rooms. Not only that, it does not matter now, the BVB is too weak tonight to use the only rudimentary.

81st minute: Funnily, all the jokers were involved in the creation of this hit. Coutinho shifts to Perisic, who flanks from the left flat. In the center, Thiago Hummels is under pressure and the former Bayer pushes the marble past Roman Burki.

80th minute: Ironically! Many will say. Mats Hummels pushes the ball into his own goal.

Mats Hummels with the own goal for 4: 0!

76th minute: Muller with his second assist, Lewandwoski with his second goal. Annoying: Again there is the review by VAR. But the hit is given.

3: 0! Lewandowski laces the brace against Dortmund

75th minute: Flick changes for the last time. Perisic allowed for Coman on the court.

73 minutes: It continues to play only the FCB. Lewandwoski takes a ball on the penalty spot. Coman takes him to him and puts him to Thomas Muller in the back room. He refines his anniversary game and sends the ball over the goal.

72nd minute: Now he finally switches to magic mode and also brings Thiago Alcantara. Leon Goretzka goes for him.

70th minute: Flick takes his scorer to 2-0, Serge Gnabry, out and brings Coutinho.

69th minute: Great opportunity for BVB! Hakimi exceptionally gets some space on his side. Get a sharp ball into the center and Martinez takes a dangerous late-kick. Alcacer takes over the ball.

67th minute: Again yellow for a Bayern. Goretzka takes the ball from Hakimi fair, Coman launches the counter and is called back. The Frenchman angry about the wrong decision and deals with the unnecessary carton for Ballwegschlagen. The rightful Ribery heir?

65th minute: The BVB now with the ball actually something pleasing and with more speed. Incorrectly, however, Reus censored a ball in the attack.

63rd minute: As an aggressive leader, Marco Reus has not been noticed yet, but apparently tries that today. He turns yellow two minutes after coming on.

61st minute: The BVB still without a shot on goal and with little hope for improvement. Now it's enough for Lucien Favre to get his two superstars off the bench. Marco Reus and Paco Alcacer come into play.

59th minute: Lewandowski surprised: He turns clean in the penalty area and can ask Burki, in which corner he should push the ball. Then push him to the right of the hut.

58th minute: Dortmund still does not see anything at all.

56th minute: Either way, the BVB gets from the Munich no air in the midfield.

55th minute: Bayern still hot. Or is it because of the Schalke past of Goretzka that he keeps his foot on Nico Schulz without hesitation?

52nd minute: Next giant chance for Bayern! Coman flanks flat on the far post, where Gnabry slips in, but is a tad too late and grazes the ball just near the right post.

51 minutes: That does black-yellow now really hurt. Coming out of the cabin with courage, the first offense is punished directly with a counterattack. As against Inter now have three hits ago.

48th minute: Felix Zwayer is corrected by the Video Assistant. No offside, no foul, the hit counts.

The hit applies! Gnabry extends the Bayern lead

47th minute: In direct return it rattles! Counter over Muller, who lays across. Lewandowski misses, but behind him Gnabry intervenes. Zwayer whistles again. What did he see?

46th minute: Dortmund pushes the second half and works its way straight to the penalty area. There, the accuracy is lost.

The restart! Dortmund needs a comeback in Munich

19:32: "The first half was clear to Bayern", judges Joachim Loew and knows the solution. The BVB too harmless, because none of the four offensives seeks the depth. Is Favre of the same opinion?

19:29: By the way, we also welcome the customers of Sky-Go. The live stream of the pay-TV station does not really want to, we smooth the waves with our ticker.

Break: Bayern goes deservedly here with a guided tour into the cabin. Dortmund radiates against the since the leadership very soberaner Munich only in approach danger and actually came only to a single shot on goal and went wrong.

Halftime! Bayern leads to break against Dortmund

45th minute: He's going to be semi-dangerous after all. Witsel gets to the far post on the twisted flank, but can handle the ball but despite his 1.86 at this altitude not clean.

44th minute: This can now be the BVB funds. After a pitifully played in the nothing Bayern opportunity is very fast. Of course about Hakimi, who is only taken on the Bavarian penalty area of ​​Alaba and Kimmich in the forceps and gefoult.

40th minute: By the way, Guerreiro has exactly taken over the position of Snacho. Seems like the Briton was too battered for the top match.

38th minute: Gnabry pushes a rebound into the net. The chef must not stir his soup. He was clearly offside.

Bayern against Borussia Dortmund: Jadon Sancho has early down

36th minute: Jadon Sancho has to leave the place!

35th minute: Does Flick look after Guardiola? Kimmich takes a free kick out of the half space as a flat cross pass and the ball goes back into its own half. Control is about danger – you can take the lead.

33rd minute: Favre is already preparing a change. Guerreiro will come.

30th minute: Bayern continues to push. Next corner for the hosts. Burki puts out the sharp ball from Kimmich and the red ones remain in his possession.

27 minutes: Again it is really dangerous about Lewandowski! The pole this time as a preparer, puts the ball on Coman, who had crossed into the middle. However, the ball comes too sharp and the Frenchman can only transport it unchecked in the direction of box. Schulz clears the line.

Gnabry gets the second chance and Burki has to go for it. Hakimi clears the rebound.

24th minute: The Bavarians are beginning to reinterpret their printing phase. Are in their own half for control endeavors and then superimpose the last third in the Dortmund half. The BVB in turn on speed and counterattack considered.

22nd minute: After the goal is now significantly more fire in the game. Bad news for BVB: Especially the Bayern are now really hungry.

17th minute: Who else? Robert Lewandowksi meets. However, a fine cross from Benjamin Pavard, who brings a high ball by volley again in the middle and puts the Pole directly into the barrel. He has a lot of space between Hummels and Akanji. That Lewa does not say no, should be known.

Gate! Robert Lewandowksi heads Bayern into the lead

16th minute: Class ball profit of Coman, who then wants to go all alone to the BVB-Sechezehner. Is pushed aside and crosses dirty. This, however, begins a real urge phase.

15 minutes: Now the Bayern with the erten ball into the box. Gnabry wants to take him from Voley, but only hits the ball halfway. We keep waiting for the first shot on goal.

14th minute: Mats Hummels places Serge Gnabry at the start of a counterattack. But Zwayer still waives the yellow card.

13 minutes: Carrot and whip are available from David Alaba for Mario GOtze. First he cleans it up, then gently strokes it. Go on.

11th minute: Dortmund for the first time in the Bavarian penalty area. GOtze gets the ball through but Martinez clarifies routinely. The following corner remains harmless.

10 minutes: Hair-raising ball loss by Thomas Muller at the midline. Snacho searches the way to the Bayern box, but Davies ironed the blunder on the sidelines.

7th minute: Lewandowski now offside. But what would that have been for a magic ball from Kingsley Coman? Under extreme pressure, the Frenchman simply pushes the leather forward next to his own penalty area and, in the other half, actually finds the Pole who picks the game machine from the air. But just art without bread.

4th minute: Lewandowski with the first foul of the game. The Bayern fans expect matches of a different kind from their top striker.

3rd minute: Now annoy the Dortmund. GOtze offside, does not go to the ball, but the attack is still called back. But he actually stood in the way.

1st minute: The Bayern with the impetus and prompt the first excitement. Muller is on Lewandowski through, who suddenly finds an incredible amount of space and storms alone towards the guest gate. But Burki is already awake and comes to the ball in front of him.

Kick-off! The ball rolls in the German classic

18:29: Choreo and tribute are over. It begins a minute of silence for the deceased ten years ago Robert Enke. The then national player took his own life because of his depression.

18:28: The Bayern fans are waiting with a big choreo. It shows the championship and cup success of the FCB with the deceased club icon Norbert Eder. In the shadow of these pictures, Thomas Muller gets nice words and a bunch of flowers, it's his 500th Bundesliga match.

18:25: Patrick Wasserzieher stands in the player tunnel and gives the psychologist. Last year, the game has already decided here, but this time the result before kick-off a draw.

6:22 pm: We are looking forward to the kick-off. And Bayern has helped a lot. Because when the game is up and running, the kickers will not need their oddly spotted, new warm-up shirts.

18:14: Lothar Matthaus hits the table. The story of Arsene Wenger, according to the former international, was duly hit against the wall. That should not happen.

18.12 clock: Lucien Favre is asked if he knows what Zorc means by "men's football". His answer: "What? Yes, yes, yes … ", he is obviously not crazy about the talk about the top game.

Bayern against Borussia Dortmund: Flick wants to "enjoy the game"

6 pm: Before kick-off, the current leader of the record champions sounds relaxed. As the FC Bayern plans on the coaching post, he did not know, explains Hansi Flick. "I'm not interested in that either. I want to enjoy the game tonight, "says the 54-year-old.

Thiago and Coutinho, who are initially sitting outside, are "more than serious options," according to the game's evolution. Flick explains his decision: "We wanted to play against Piraeus; it worked. That's why today we are using the forces that have proven themselves in the Champions League. "

17:47: Has Lothar Matthaus just been devastatingly analyzing Flick's master plan? Compared to David Alaba reveals the heat map of the young Canadian: He rarely goes through to the baseline. Well, he's supposed to take care of Hakimi today and he does not like being in his own half.

17:41: Sky knows: Joachim LOw will come to the stadium today and watch his former assistant coach at work.

Bayern receives Borussia Dortmund: The lineups for the top game

17:35: Now the lineups are here! Hansi Flick changes nothing compared to Olympiakos and sends his two creative men, Thiago Alcantara and Philippe Coutinho, back on the bench.

Lucien Favre is pleased with the recovery of Jadon Sancho, but must, as expected, first renounce his captain. Marco Reus will probably play only in an emergency, the blood young trio from Brandt, Hazard and Sancho should ensure that this is not necessary.

17:26: In the catacombs probably just the subject: The results of the 15.30 games. We summarize for them: Leipzig wins, Schalke pats.

That means for BVB: The Dortmund can take the championship lead with a win. However, this shakes again tomorrow, because Gladbach ranks with 22 points in first place and can not be outdated points, only the goal difference would make the BVB overnight to the leaders.

For Bayern, the Leipzig victory is a bit more annoying, because they can hardly overtake the bulls. The goal difference of the Leipzig is too good. But third place is always there.

17:22: Now both teams are here! Only shortly after the home side, the Dortmund bus arrives at the Allianz Arena.

17:03: While we are still waiting for the lineup in the top match, RB Leipzig seems to be doing its part in the race for the top. The Bulls turned the game against Hertha BSC and are heading for victory. Meanwhile, better news for Dortmund and FCB comes from Schalke. The Fortuna from Dusseldorf annoys the tight and scored the equalizer a quarter of an hour before the final whistle.

16:38: Currently in top form is Dortmund's Achraf Hakimi, who led BVB twice a week to make a crazy comeback against Inter Milan. But Hansi Flick has an ace up his sleeve, of which he is at least convinced.

"He has enough speed to put Achraf Hakimi in his place as well. I'm very confident, "he hopes the qualities of youngster Alphonso Davies. We are curious which of the two rough diamonds will get the better day.

15:50: Dinner is served! This is revealed by the social media team of Bavaria and grants the exclusive view from the coaching bench to the ranks of the Allianz Arena, Soon they will fill up.

3:32 pm: Only three hours left until the summit meeting and it is diligently speculated how the coaches send their teams into the race. While on the part of BVB the question marks behind Jadon Sancho and Marco Reus solved solved, also Sky expert Didi Hamann puzzles, what FCB interim coach Hansi Flick in defense plans. We tap the simple solution and the lineup from the Champions League against Olympiakos. So: Alaba and Martinez as center-back.

13.12 clock: Javi Martinez is in demand again at Bayern Munich. In a column the Spaniard raves in the highest tones of a Dortmunder functionary – and just before the league top game against the black and yellow.

+++ Hello and welcome to the 11th matchday in the Bundesliga. In Munich on Saturday evening at 18.30 clock the game of games. FC Bayern receives Borussia Dortmund for the German classic. In our live ticker you will not miss anything! +++

Live Ticker: FC Bayern Munich – Borussia Dortmund: Bundesliga premiere for coach duo Flick and Gerland

There were turbulent weeks at FC Bayern Munich, After the debacle last Saturday against Eintracht Frankfurt in the Commerzbank-Arena, the bosses on Sabener Strabe had head coach Niko Kovac on leave. On the same day Hansi Flick was appointed temporary boss, a few days later he got legend Hermann Gerland set aside.

His last meeting with BVB could be a good omen. On Wednesday Bayern were able to stay 2-0 against Olympiacos Piraeus in the Champions League for a long time without conceding. Despite the first success, there is again hot speculation about the future coach cast at Bayern Munich. Is a German star coach coming?

A very different caliber presents Borussia Dortmund there. The team coached by Lucien Favre has come up with a brilliant second half in the Champions League against Inter Milan in front of their own audience a 2: 0 deficit can turn. Nevertheless, one is afraid in Dortmund of a "swatter" in Munich.

Live Ticker: FC Bayern Munich – Borussia Dortmund: Bundesliga cracker promises pure excitement

For the Bayern, who were able to convince little, it is still only a victory against BVB. The requirements for the German classic are meanwhile very balanced. As calf* reported missing the Dortmundern as in the Champions League Marco Reus. Meanwhile, Paco Alcacer, who was injured for the most part in the last race, could return to the starting line-up. At Bayern, there are mainly injury problems in the defense. This would make it possible for talent Lars Lukas Mai to get a job.

Live Ticker: FC Bayern Munich – Borussia Dortmund: It's about the top places in the Bundesliga

At the moment it is in the Bundesliga table the BVB with one point ahead of second place, while the Bavarians occupy fourth place with 18 points. The duel on Saturday night is therefore not only a lot of prestige, but also not to lose the connection to the top of the table.

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