Bayern vs BVB – Streaming problems at Sky: customers demand compensation – Sender takes position


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Ironically, in the top match FC Bayern Munich against Borussia Dortmund: With "Sky Ticket" and "Sky Go" there are massive problems.

  • With the streaming services "Sky ticket" and "Sky Go" there are massive problems with the transmission of the federal league top match FC Bayern Munich against Borussia Dortmund.
  • A transfer of the game is not possible on many devices – despite payment!
  • Sky admits technical problems with "Sky Ticket" and "Sky Go".
  • On Twitter, many football fans storm against the offer "Sky Ticket" and against the problems with "Sky Go".
  • Many Sky customers demand compensation because of the problems – now the station has taken a stand.

Update of November 10, 2019: In the German "Clasico" Bayern sat with the furious 4-0 victory over Dortmund a real exclamation point. But many Sky users could be big parts of the top game do not pursueAs is well known for pay-TV broadcasters Sky massive problems with its streaming services "Sky Go" and "Sky Ticket" had.

Only in the second half of the live stream should have worked again. Also the day after that is the Streaming anger especially with the Sky customers still topic. Many subscribers therefore demanded compensation from Sky, especially those who wanted to watch the game over "Sky Ticket".

The pay station apologized again to the customers and divided SIDRequest that it be examined whether the customers affected by disruptions can expect compensation: "We will inform the affected customers as soon as possible."

In the face of customer annoyance a repetition of the difficulties is no more: "The disturbance was already fixed during the game. The entire Sky team is working hard to analyze the issues to ensure that they do not occur in the future. "

Update from November 9, 2019, 19:54: Just announced the Twitter account of "Sky Sport": The problems with streaming on "Sky Go" and Sky Ticket "should be resolved. So only after the 60th minute of the encounter FC Bayern Munich against Borussia Dortmund.

No, that should not be a good advertisement for the streaming service "Sky Ticket", which allows the transmission of sports events without Sky subscription. To start the Bundesliga top match FC Bayern Munich against Borussia Dortmund there are massive problems with the offer. There are also problems with Sky Go, the streaming service for Sky subscribers.

. The portal for the documentation of disturbances, shows smeared "Sky Ticket" immediately to kick off. From 18.00 clock, so at a time when many football fans follow the preliminary reports on the game, the perturbation jerks go up rocket-like. According to the portal, there were over 60,000 reception problems with "Sky Go" nationwide. In addition, there are 40,000 times have difficulties with "Sky Ticket".

As the portal shows, there were massive problems with Sky Ticket starting at 6 pm.

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Problems with "Sky Ticket" at FC Bayern Munich against Borussia Dortmund: Fans pissed off on Twitter

And immediately football fans go to Twitter because of the disruption to the digital barricades:

"Listen to #FCBBVB on the radio because #skyticket is down. Like such a Neanderthal, "says user @rock_galore.

Also @energiesammy is pissed: "Nothing works! Not even on your own Sky Ticket TV Stick! Incomprehensible!

#FCBBVB #skyticket #skyBuli "

User @poplinker regrets because of the disturbances, even spent money for "Sky Ticket": "How annoying, because you buy a #Skyticket to test that time and then the technology of @SkyDeutschland completely in the knee. Money paid for nothing. Will be canceled immediately. "

And @NicolaiXMelioda tweets right away to the Sky account: "@SkyGermany If you do not want any customers, then just say it #FCBBVB #SkyGo #skyticket"

User @ glotzfrosch wonders if Sky could have escaped, that there could possibly be more hits than usual for the top match FCB against BVB: "That #fcbbvb more people than usual want to watch comes for @SkyDeutschland about as surprising as the onset of winter the public transport every year. #skyticket "

Problems with "Sky Ticket" at FC Bayern Munich against Borussia Dortmund: This is how Sky reacts

At 18:51 clock responded the Twitter account of "Sky Sport" on the massive complaints of users: "Unfortunately, there are currently problems when streaming on Sky Go and Sky Ticket. We are already working hard on a solution. We apologize for the inconvenience."

Also the account "Sky Service" admits the problems: "Dear Sky customers, we had a short-term outage of our streams. The bug is currently fixed and most platforms should work again. Please contact me here if you still have problems. We apologize for the circumstances many times. Your service team. "

Maybe after the massive disruption some football fans are fed up with the "Sky Ticket" service. For example, @Orbi_: "Even today #skyticket is terminated. Honestly, that's not possible. You also have to be focused on peak loads. Even now, nothing works with a PS4 and the Skyticket app. Sky Go at the neighbor's not synonymous. "

Fans like @_Thomas_Kuepper now demand their money back from Sky because of the problems with the paid transfer: "If only Sky would work too … My son wants to watch the game, I bought a skyticket for him and now he is grossly disappointed, because Sky DOES NOT WORK! Can you get the money back? "

Still at the end of the first half, the Twitter account of "Sky Germany" for the technical problems in "Sky Ticket" entrusts itself: Dear users, unfortunately, there are currently problems streaming over Sky Go and Sky Ticket. The entire Sky Team is already working hard to find a solution. We apologize for the inconvenience. "

A little tip, in case you are annoyed about Sky Ticket: In the live ticker for the match FC Bayern Munchen against Borussia Dortmund by * you will not miss anything!

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