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In the Basketball Bundesliga on Sunday it comes to the much-anticipated top game.

FC Bayern Basketball, with five wins from five games started, receives ALBA Berlin, the equal points leaders (FC Bayern – ALBA Berlin from 15 clock LIVE on TV on SPORT1 and LIVETICKER).

Only the better basket ratio speaks for the team from the capital before the first reissue of the previous year's finals, which is the 50 th total of the heavyweights.

"Looking at the Bundesliga, I do not know where ALBA can lose a lot of games – the way they are playing right now, so it's an important game in many ways," explained Marko Pesic SPORT1 in the run up to the game.

Pesic before duel with ALBA: "Positioning"

Bavaria's CEO spoke of a "location determination". Through the game, the defending champion "can see where we stand".

However, coach Dejan Radonjic is missing with T.J. Bray, Josh Huestis, Mathias Lesort and Nihad Djedovic four players. While Bray will return at the end of December at the earliest, Huestis and Lesort could soon support the team in the field again.

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Record player Djedovic is struggling with kidney disease, his return is uncertain.

Short break after EuroLeague games

Both teams have a Euroleague game in their bones. ALBA had no chance on Thursday at 78: 104 at Maccabi Tel Aviv, Bayern lost despite good performance with 82:90 at Fenerbahce on Friday.

Pesic does not want to be taken for an excuse that his club has a day off less. "It makes no sense, in my opinion, to think about who has a day more or less break, so you lose time," said the former international.

Even the guests, who only have to do without the long-term injured Stefan Peno, are looking forward to the match against the most effective defense of the league.

Bayern and Berlin know each other

"A game at Bayern against which we lost last year's final is definitely something special, but above all it's about the league lead in the Bundesliga, which of course we want to defend with a win," said Center Johannes Thiemann.

Berlin coach Aito, whose team puts the BBL's best offense (97 points per game) and distributes the most assists (24.6), said: "To be able to defy them in Munich, we have to be physically and mentally there be."

Many secrets do not exist between the two clubs, Pesic emphasized: "It is important who is more rested and able to prepare better, it will depend a lot on the daily form."

Pesic sees Hoeneb retreat relaxed

The imminent withdrawal of Uli Hoeneb as President does not worry Pesic.

"With Mr. Hainer comes a big supporter of us and the two Presidium members Prof. Dr. Dieter Mayer and Walter Mennekes, who have also been big supporters for almost three years, remain so," said the 42-year-old.

In addition, Hoeneb "if he has time, always be there for advice and help."

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