Because Stafford failure: Wife Kelly thanks doctors


Munich / Detroit – The news of the failure Matthew Staffords has brought joy. And not only in the Chicago Bears, opponents of the Detroit Lions in Week 10. But also in the house of the first overall pick from the Draft 2009 – wife Kelly.

The published via Instagram an emotional message. Precisely because her partner gets a break because of the back and hip problems. Although her heart was broken, because: "I think this man hates nothing more than not to be able to fight with the boys out there."

Kelly Stafford: "Thankful to our medical team"

It continues, "These men work so hard all year, it's so hard to send them to the sidelines, so I'm so grateful to our medical team." In addition, she gives an insight into the suffering of her partner: "He has been through so many things, so much more than anyone suspects, I'm so proud to be his wife."

At the same time confesses the mother of three, who had to undergo surgery in April for a brain tumor, but also: "I'm glad that his body now gets time to heal." She ends the message by saying that "it's always nice to beat the Bears".

Stafford's series ends after 139 games

For Stafford ends a highly impressive series. The Pro Bowler of 2014 last missed a game in 2010, since then has played 139 play games including playoff games. Now, among other fractures in his back make a dash through the bill.

Lions general manager Bob Quinn said Stafford had limited training after the blight suffered in the past game against the Oakland Raiders. Although the 31-year-old had visited the stadium on Sunday morning, but was withdrawn from the Docs from the market.

Longer loss possible for Lions quarterback

According to information from "ESPN" reporter Adam Schefter, his return to the field will be a week to week decision. He cites a source saying that Stafford has to watch "this week or three weeks".

After eight seasons this season, the Pro Bowler of 2014 stands at 2499 passing yards for 19 touchdowns and five interceptions. Only Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks scored even more scores at 22, but in nine games. Stafford replaces Jeff Driskel as a substitute for Stafford – he can count on the superstar's tips.

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