Before the Copa final, Rosario Central ruined River's farewell to the Monumental


Vital. There is no other way to define the triumph that Rosario Central took from the Monumental in its day-to-day struggle not to descend.

For River, it was the last game in his stadium before the new Copa Libertadores final he will play, this time against Flamengo.

And the Millionaire was the same as always, with control of possession of the ball and intense high pressure, at times suffocating.

+ Gamba's goal

However, those led by Marcelo Gallardo were not effective in the face of the rival goal and would be surprised by Rosario Central as soon as the second half began.

A succession of defensive errors allowed him to take advantage of Lucas Gamba and score the goal of the Canalla victory when the clock of that complement did not even mark the minute.

Rosario Central not only arrived at River his farewell to the Monumental, but fundamentally he added three key points in his struggle not to descend.

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