Before the Francaise des Jeux, 33 years of privatization


After the FDJ, Engie and ADP could be involved in transfers of securities held by the State. (© Simon / EDF)

Launched on November 7, the IPO of La Francaise des Jeux, is for the moment the last disengagement of the State after more than thirty years marked by numerous privatizations.

If there is one subject that paradoxically brings together the right and the left, it is that of privatizations, the latest being that of the Francaise des Jeux. Initially, these operations are a reaction to the nationalizations launched in 1982, during the first seven years of Francois Mitterrand.

At the time, five industrial groups (CGE, Saint Gobain, Pechiney, Rhone-Poulenc, Thomson), thirty-nine banks (CCF, CIC, Credit North, Rothschild, Worms …) and two financial companies (Paribas and Suez) are indeed in the lap of the state.

After the victory of the right in the parliamentary elections of March 1986, Jacques Chirac leads the first government of cohabitation and decides to "denationalize", starting with Saint-Gobain, first of the sixty-five planned privatizations. This operation, carried out in December 1986, will be a big popular success with 1.5 million people on the call.

Then came CGE (now Alcatel Alstom), Matra, half a dozen banks (Paribas, Suez, Societe Generale…) and two communication companies (Agence Havas and TF1).

New wave in 1993

But this wave stops in 1988, with the re-election of Francois Mitterrand to the presidency of the Republic. Michel Rocard, appointed to Matignon, then practices the


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