Belgrano is still lost: he fell with Guillermo Brown in Puerto Madryn


Belgrano he won but … he turned it around Guillermo Brown of Puerto Madryn. And the Pirate, who is still far from the top positions, fell 2-1, in a match corresponding to date 12 of Zone A of the First National.

With this result, Belgrano is left with 12 points to 15 of the Atlanta leader. On the next date he receives Alvarado, in Alberdi, on Friday at 20 and televised by DirecTV.

Belgrano's campaign is worrisome: won two games, drew six and lost four. In addition, the team is only two units above the last.

Did you deserve to lose Belgrano in Madryn? Not at all… but offensive and defensive imperfection put this moment of criticism.

What happened in the match and the goals

He scored Belgrano's goal Pablo Vegetti, at 18 minutes of the first half, after an assistance of Leonardo Sequeira. It was Vegetti's seventh goal this season.

Tied it Emanuel Moreno, at 25, of a tremendous volley. Belgrano had the ball and calm, but an oversight cost him dearly.

At 27 minutes of the second half he was expelled Ricardo Noir for protesting. The Belgrano striker had claimed a foul seconds before the referee Pablo Gimenez. Just Belgrano was at his best, making the local goalkeeper figure.

The 2-1 of Guillermo Brown arrived, at 42, by Joel Martinez, after a defensive oversight. Belgrano, with one less, endured and again an inattention left him with nothing.


Brown (M): Cesar Taborda; Mauro Bazan, Diego Herner, Luciano Sanchez and Matias Ruiz Diaz; Julian Bonetto, Mateo Ramirez, Facundo Soloa and Emanuel Moreno; Mateo Acosta and Facundo Pumpido. DT: Marcelo Broggi.

Belgrano: Cesar Rigamonti; Rodrigo Erramuspe, Ignacio Vazquez, Joaquin Novillo, Juan Quiroga; Ricardo Noir, Martin Rivero, Santiago Longo and Nahuel Lujan; Pablo Vegetti and Leonardo Sequeira. DT: Julio Constantin.

Goals: PT, 18m Vegetti (B); 25m Moreno (GB). ST, 42m Martinez (GB).

Admonished: Sanchez, Acosta, Ramirez (GB); Erramuspe, Sequeira (B).

Expelled: ST, 27m Noir (B).

Changes: PT, 18m Guillermo Ferracutti by Ruiz Diaz (GB). ST, 20m Gaston Gonzalez for River (B) and Joel Martinez for Pumpido (GB), 32m Mateo Ramirez for Bonetto (GB).

Referee: Pablo Gimenez Stadium: Raul Conti


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