Bernadette Chirac: this French personality she had flashed during her marriage with Jacques Chirac


Tired of the infidelities of her husband, Bernadette Chirac confessed in 1985 to the journalist Catherine Nay have flashed on a personality.

Jacques and Bernadette Chirac lived together until death separated them on September 26th, standing together, despite the well-known infidelities of Monsieur. The former president has yet to leave his love forever for the journalist Jacqueline Chabridon, thinking even of divorce, before giving up.

Bernadette Chirac has never hidden her pain in the face of her husband's misconduct.

She also had the opportunity, during a dinner in 1985, to engage in this regard with the journalist Catherine Nay, which evokes the confidences of the former First Lady in his memoirs Memories memories (Robert Laffont) "To relax her, I slipped her a 'Bernadette, take a lover! It looks good, and it's good for morale, too! ' I was expecting to be sent on the roses, she draping herself in her offended dignity. Not at all ! His face lit up on the contrary", says the editorialist of Europe 1.

It is then that Bernadette Chirac confides on her little crush for a personality: "There is a man that I find very attractive, it is Francis Bouygues."Catherine Nay encourages her interlocutor … before denouncing it to the wife of the founder of the group Bouygues!"A little later, during a dinner at the friends' house where the Bouygues couple was present, I confided in Monique: 'Mrs Chirac finds your husband very attractive!' Nothing more, of course "continues the journalist. The former General Councilor of Correze later made the remark to her confidante, probably tinged with a false naivety: "I do not know what Mrs Bouygues has against me, but she is very unpleasant! "

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