Between tennis and padel there is only one step


In 2016, the country of Roger Federer had 8 clubs invested in the padel and 12 playgrounds. Today, there are 18 companies involved and 33 courts, available to fans.

Cultural difference

Emergence in Europe of this sport, in France in 3 years they went from about twenty fields to more than 300 today. In Switzerland, 1st inaugurated in 2010 in the canton of zurich, the first is the country club geneva in 2012. While in Spain, there are 2 million practitioners and 70'000 licensees. For Yohann, former ATP player and now coach, his vocation revolves around tennis. Arrived in Switzerland in 2000, he will coach 5 years at tennis club drizia and 7 in Belgium where he sets up a tennis academy for professional players, before settling permanently on the Lake Geneva. His other passion, the padel. With two titles of Swiss champion acquired in 2017 and 2018, Yohann explains the peculiarities of this sport, with technical constraints very different from those of tennis. The material is also very different. 1 rebound on the ground as tennis, but for dimensions, it's something else.

Arnaud Urfer

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