Big Club: the wonderful record that Tigers broke


The debate about which team is great in Mexico all the time is renewed. If there is any set that has grown in recent years, that is undoubtedly Tigers.

The royal cast has not only achieved multiple achievements, but all the time competed and fought each of the championships he played.

With the classification to the next Liguilla that was secured yesterday, those of the UANL spun eleven participations in a row. A record in Mexico.

Before this, the Felines they were matched with America, which had managed to qualify ten Liguillas consecutively between the 2012 Clausura at the 2016 Opening.

The Tigres milestone began at the 2014 Opening. From there, they got the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Apertura and the 2019 Closing.

We are in a golden age, friends …

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