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An unnamed confidant of the $ 53 billion former mayor of New York put it in a nutshell: "Now or never," he told the web portal Politico, referring to the life dream of Michael Bloomberg. The apparently consists in 77 years to be elected a Democratic presidential candidate and retire after winning the election at 78 years in the White House.

For a long time it has been eager for the ex-mayor after the presidency. Probably Bloomberg's desire grew after Donald Trump, himself a rather elderly New Yorker, was unexpectedly elected president in 2016. Bloomberg has not yet finally agreed, but "now or never" sounds determined. Although the terrain for the billionaire is rather confusing and equipped with some obstacles.

Bloomberg's plan for Super Tuesday

One of them is called Joe Biden, as Bloomberg a man of the political center. The billionaire probably expects that Barack Obama's vice in the first primaries will go down sang- and soundless and the center will be free for him, Michael Bloomberg. Instead of Biden, Bloomberg would then recommend as the last bulwark against socialists and leftists like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Reaching behind Warren or Sanders against Trump in the 1999 election battle drives the Democratic establishment, along with the party's Wall Street funders, to the scare. Bloomberg would remedy the situation: as president, he saved the rich from Warren's tax hikes, and banks and hedge funds would not be able to bother him too much.

The first four intra-democratic party rallies and primaries in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina would like to sit out Bloomberg. But then, on March '20, when Democrats would vote in fourteen states, he would shake up the candidate field on the so-called "Super Tuesday".

Certainly: The billionaire occupies democratic positions in climate protection and firearms control, and he can show his years in New York as a success. And he could pump millions of dollars from his personal money storage into the election campaign.

Nevertheless, it will be difficult: Not only does Bloomberg reluctantly go among the people and shake hands. He also wants to be named candidate to base, which has been moving to the left since 2016 and will not necessarily bet on a billionaire who, as mayor, rather ruthlessly dealt with New York's minorities and praised Donald Trump as a "New York icon".

Trump is happy too

Probably a majority of Democrats can not do much with Mike Bloomberg and Mike Bloomberg does not do much with them. But there are miracles in politics, as the example of Donald Trump shows. In any case, Joe Biden was unimpressed: "Michael is a good guy, let's see where we're going," he said.
Elizabeth Warren was less friendly. "I do not think democracy means people just come in and buy elections," she said. Truly, Bloomberg's candidacy, along with the Democratic establishment, was really just Donald Trump. "There's no one I'd rather fight than Little Michael," Trump said.

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