Black ice accident / A7 / Wurzburg: mass crash – car crashes into ambulance


A serious accident happened on the A7 near Kitzingen in the direction of Kassel. Reason was apparently black ice. 29 people were sometimes seriously injured.

  • Heavy accident on the A7
  • first black ice leads to a pile-up
  • At least 29 people injured

Update, 3.50 pm: The A7 motorway is still closed. Meanwhile reports the BRK Bavaria, as a car has raced unchecked in an ambulance at the scene of the accident.

"An emergency vehicle of the Bavarian Red Cross, which was alerted as so-called" helper on site "and was one of the first vehicles on site, was overlooked by an approaching car despite the blue and hazard warning lights. At the emergency vehicle was a serious damage, from a total loss is currently assumed. Fortunately, the volunteer was unharmed. The driver of the accident vehicle was slightly injured. "

Update, 14:59: The highway is still closed. The cleanup work continues.

The current state of affairs after accidentally injured 18 vehicles and 25 people suffered lighter injuries. A woman trapped in her vehicle was released from the fire department and was taken to hospital with more serious injuries.

Three other accident participants brought the rescue service also with more serious injuries in surrounding hospitals.

First report, 08.31 clock

Marktbreit – To a Accident on black ice it came on Sunday morning (10.11.2019) on the A7 near the junction Marktbreit Kitzingen in the direction of travel kassel, On a bridge here are several vehicles due to black ice and fog collided. As reported, 18 vehicles are said to have been involved in the pile-up.

Accident on A7 at Marktbreit: black ice leads to a pile-up

Including two Emergency vehicles the rescue workers, a police car and an emergency vehicle of the fire department, a police spokesman told the portal As an accident cause is currently suspected lightning ice, that had formed at night on the Main Bridge Marktbreit.

At about 7.20 in the morning, a sprinter was in the morning Crashed crash barrier, The driver apparently lost control of the vehicle on the slippery road. The following vehicles could not be on time slow down and crashed into the accident site one after the other.

Black ice accident on the A7: 13 injured

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Mass pile-up on A7: 29 injured

At least 13 people were killed by the accident injured. A woman suffered heavier injuries. She is currently being released from her car in which she was trapped. Three other people were also seriously injured in hospitals. Fortunately, the other participants suffered only minor injuries. The forces are on site with a large number of people.

Accident on A7 near Kitzingen: Current closure until mid-morning

The A7 is currently fully closed in the direction of Kassel. The suspension will continue until the expected morning. In addition, the danger of lightning and fog is still not banned. Motorists should therefore be particularly careful. A diversion over the U45 and the U47 has been established.

Also on Halloween (31.10) there had been a serious accident on the A7. A concrete mixer tipped over – the cargo spread on the road. In March, a truck on the A7 had fatally injured a pedestrian. Why the man was on foot on the highway at that time remained unclear.


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