Blank check for Messi in 2021. Florentino stalks


It's already many years, more than a decade playing in the club that formed him and gave everything to become who he is, without a doubt, The best player in the world. Leo Messi has had as many renovations almost as seasons has played in the club. There was a time when it was almost going to renew every year and it was usual to see in each summer a photo of Messi and the Blaugrana directive extending some amount of their contract, whether they were years of contract or salary.

After years and years of relationship, it seems that in Leo's career there is only one renewal, the last. Y It may be the most complicated because both player and club know that there will be no more and what they get from each other will be the last thing they achieve, or maybe not … Bartomeu and his board are considering offering Messi a blank check so that after his career as a footballer the player continues to be linked to the institution in a position still to be determined. If this were so, Messi would continue in the club of his loves and he would give up another of his dreams, to retire as a player in the country where he was born, Argentina.

For its part, Real Madrid, which He has not yet recovered from the discharge of his last franchise man, Cristiano, have between eyebrow and eyebrow get the French striker Kylian Mbappe but if this fails, his plan B would be the left-hander former Barcelonist Neymar Junior, something that Bartomeu doesn't like at all, because he knows that that would be a serious blow to the staff he presides over and to the fans he represents. In summer of 2020 it will be seen how they finish two soap operas that take years and that it seems that they still have sheets and sheets of newspaper covers.

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