Bolivia | Evo Morales | What are the key points of the OAS report that forced Evo Morales to call new elections?


The report of the audit made by the OAS on the general election in Bolivia on October 20 describes irregularities by which he recommends that "it must be annulled" and call new "reliable" elections, with a "new composition" electoral body.

The final count of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) attributed to Morales 47.08% of the votes and to the opponent Carlos Mesa 36.51%, with a difference greater than 10%, which gave the president the victory in the first round , enabling it for a fourth term until 2025. These are the main conclusions of the OAS audit:

– "The audit team cannot validate the results of this election, so another electoral process is recommended. Any future process must have new electoral authorities in order to carry out reliable elections."

– "The first round of elections held last October 20 must be annulled and the electoral process must begin again, the first round taking place as soon as there are new conditions that give new guarantees for its celebration, including a new composition of the electoral body. "

– "In the four elements reviewed (technology, chain of custody, integrity of the minutes and statistical projections) irregularities were found, ranging from very serious to indicative. This leads the audit technical team to question the integrity of the election results from last October 20 ".

– "Taking into account the statistical projections, it is possible that the candidate Morales was in first place and the candidate Mesa in second. However, it is statistically unlikely that Morales has obtained a 10% difference to avoid a second round. "

– "The manipulations to the computer system are of such magnitude that they must be deeply investigated by the Bolivian State to get to the bottom and disclaim the responsibilities of this serious case."

– "The existence of 1,575 minutes TREP (fast counting system, NDR) in the final calculation, corresponds to approximately 350 thousand votes. The margin of victory in the first round is less than 40 thousand votes. Therefore, an irregularity of these dimensions is decisive for the result. For these reasons the audit team cannot validate a victory in the first round. "

– "In the last 5% of the calculation, 290,402 votes were counted. Of these, Morales won 175,670, that is, 60.5% of the votes, while Mesa obtained only 69,199 votes, that is, 23.8%. In other words, in the last 5% of the vote, Morales increases the voting average by 15% compared to the previous 95%, while Mesa falls in a practically equal proportion. This behavior is very unusual. "

– "The existence of physical records with alterations and forged signatures also impacts the integrity of the official calculation".

(With information from AFP)

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