Bolivians for and against Evo march in Argentina for "peace"


Buenos Aires.- Bolivian citizens residing in Buenos Aires, some of them in favor of President Evo Morales and others against the indigenous leader, demonstrated together this Friday for the "peace" in their country, which records disturbances since the controversial result of the October elections .

Among the calls for an end to the violence between compatriots and the general demand for a "united Bolivia", the march passed peacefully but with mixed opinions: while some protesters asked Morales for a second electoral round, others considered that the president revalidated his cleanly mandate in the first round.


"If he (Evo Morales) thinks he won, he doesn't have to be scared: to make the elections again and if he says he won, well won and I applaud him because the people supported him," the march assistant Dana told Efe Martinez, 28, born in Argentina but from a Bolivian mother and who said she felt that country.

Martinez added that the moment in which people are going to "realize that there really is democracy in Bolivia" will be if Morales agrees to a ballot between him and Carlos Mesa, the opposition candidate who took the second highest number of votes in the elections and that he denounced fraud in them, since the scrutiny gave the victory to Evo in the first round after a sharp change of tendency towards the end of the count.

"I come for my people, mostly for Bolivia, I want the union of Bolivia. If Evo supposedly says he wants well-being, I would not like to see all my people in Bolivia like this, who are fighting among themselves, I want peace (…) If Mesa and Evo want the well-being of Bolivia, let them sit down and chat it, "he said.

The young woman, who only goes to Bolivia on vacation, said that when she goes there she wants to see that all her family members "are well, not like in Venezuela or as seen in Chile", so she asked Morales to arrive at a "agreement" because "Bolivia is one."


Another protester, Carla Segovia, a member of the left-wing social organization Organizing Front in Struggle, considered that "the people have voted and Evo has won with more than the majority of votes", so for her "she has to remain as president ".

"We are all supporting the Bolivian brothers who are there, I am very sorry for everything that is happening in my country … We are all Bolivians, we respect each other," he added.

The demonstration, which was attended by a few hundred people, began at the Obelisk of the central avenue 9 de Julio de Buenos Aires and concluded before the Embassy of Bolivia in Argentina, between various slogans, several of them against the Bolivian opposition Luis Fernando Camacho, leader of the Pro Santa Cruz Committee that distanced himself from the table in recent days.

The posters of the protesters in Buenos Aires accused him of "discriminating against his people", and one of those present, Asunta Genera Quispen Mamani, warned that he seeks to give "a coup d'etat", something that insisted that, if they happen, Bolivians "are not going to leave."

Protesters accused Camacho of "discriminating against his people." / EFE.


At the same time, old woman Placida Tarquez, who has lived in Argentina for 20 years, insisted that her countrymen "do not have to fight."

"Only to support the Bolivians, that it is equality, that it is not a fight. And the people, if they are presidents, have to do something well for the people without fail, nothing more," he said, before saying that for her, Evo It has failed in recent weeks.

Bolivian citizens residing in Buenos Aires. / EFE.

Meanwhile, violence continues in the neighboring country and in recent days it has worsened, with incidents between defenders and opponents of Morales, and with the Police, which used tear gas.

The protests from the day after the elections, when opposition and civic committees denounced electoral fraud, left a deceased on Wednesday, the third since the outbreak of the crisis in the country.

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