Bookers Suns Spot White Sixers Vest – Warriors Celebrate Paschall


Devin Booker and the Phoenix Suns continue to exclaim in the NBA, beating even the league's only undefeated team. The second success of the season was celebrated on the night of Tuesday by the Washington Wizards and the "no-names" of the Golden State Warriors.

Devin Booker

Was accompanied by MVP calls from the court: Devin Booker.

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Phoenix Suns – Philadelphia 76ers 114: 109

So it has also caught the Sixers. Philadelphia (5-1 victories) lost 109: 114 to the Phoenix Suns (5-2) without the still-suspended Star Center Joel Embiid. The home side could once again rely on Devin Booker, who, backed by Spaniard Ricky Rubio (21 points, ten assists), added 40 points to the box score and was accompanied by MVP calls from the court. The 23-year-old is happy "since day 1 about love and energy," which are transferred to him by the fans. "And they get what they want – a hard-working team that gives everything every night." Are the dark years in Arizona ending? If Booker goes ahead, well imaginable. On Monday, the shooter turned 15 out of 19 throws and all seven tries off the line – and he was the eighth youngest player in league history to hit 6000 points.

Golden State Warriors – Portland Trail Blazers 127: 118

The Suns are well ahead of the Golden State Warriors in the west (2: 5). The reasons for this are well-known: Because Steve Kerr's team injured or changed almost all the protagonists of the recent past, players like Eric Paschall, Ky Bowman, and Jordan Poole are currently taking the chestnuts out of the fire. Noteworthy: The boys held Monday's experienced Portland Trail Blazers (3: 4) to Damian Lillard (39 points) with 127: 118 in check and recorded the first home win of the season in the new Chase Center of San Francisco. Again, there were MVP calls for a 23-year-old, who also had his birthday: rookie-forward Paschall (36/13) crossed in each of the three games in which he was allowed to start, respectively, the 20-counter mark.

Washington Wizards – Detroit Pistons 115: 99

Moritz Wagner is one year younger than Booker and Paschall, but there were no MVP calls for the young German on Monday. But: Wagner and his compatriot Isaac Bonga (19) helped with the Washington Wizards' second win of the season, a 115: 99 against the Detroit Pistons. Teen Bonga was allowed to start and collected five points and three rebounds in 23 minutes, Wagner came off the bench on 22 minutes, twelve counters and four rebounds. In the backcourt the captain next to Bradley Beal (22 points) and in the absence of still injured John Wall: Isaiah Thomas. The little guard who once swirled unsteadily across the floor and after a hip operation now in D.C. has landed nine points and six assists on their first appearance in the Starting Five since March 2018 (then for the Lakers). "That was a long way," said Thomas.

Further results from Monday:

Minnesota Timberwolves – Milwaukee Bucks 106: 134
Brooklyn Nets – New Orleans Pelicans 135: 125
Memphis Grizzlies – Houston Rockets 100: 107

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