Bordalas explodes against Arrasate: "They hide their miseries behind the Getafe. They are some candies"


What conclusions do you draw from the match?

Before making an assessment I want to comment on something that I think is important. The time has come to do it. Statistics of Half coach: Interruptions of Getafe 15, rival 37. Shots on goal 14-4, 5-1 between the three suits. Territorial advantage, superiority … I comment this because in the previous one of this match the rival coach said that in the Coliseum it was barely played. They attributed to us what they do. Oier says that Getafe raises the locked parties, when they have been the ones who raised it that way. I will not allow it anymore. The wild card of many teams and technicians is Getafe and Bordalas. If a great match has not been seen, it is because of the fact that the opponent has come to tie at zero. It is little shame to attribute to us what they do.

Shield / Flag Getafe

And the valuation of the match?

The team entered the game well. We have never gone out to tie as today's opponent has done. Getafe always goes out to win, play wherever you play. Together with Eibar we are the team that plays the longest time in the opposite field. There was only one team that wanted to go for the game and it was Getafe. As they came to draw they were behind the ball and close together. 37 interruptions, I had not seen the same thing, but it is Getafe that makes the matches locked. We have the label of being the one who locks the matches being the bravest team in the championship. In the end we leave with a point and I congratulate the boys. It could not be because a team came to draw and has achieved it.

Any hits to arbitration and the penalty that is claimed?

I have not been able to see it. I have been told that it seemed a penalty, but I cannot comment. The arbitration, in a game with so many interruptions, only asked that by repetition it show a card. They stopped us at fault preventing each transition.

Have you talked to Arrasate about all this and why are you famous?

Because Getafe and Bordalas are everyone's wild card. I've been like this for four years at Getafe. Their miseries hide them behind Getafe and whoever does that is a damn and I will not allow it. I have not talked with him. I have congratulated him. I never talk about the rival's game to justify myself. I respect all coaches, but Bordalas is the wild card of some.

He had never been so angry at a press conference.

Today the glass overflowed. In a big club it would not happen. They come to play those locked matches, not the Getafe who goes out to play football and win.

Arrasate spoke in a complimentary way about Getafe and acknowledged that he came to tie. Are there coaches who defend you?

The problem is that they attribute what they do. He spoke in the previous one of Getafe football as if they did a touch and wonderful football. It is unfortunate.

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