Boris Becker in the insolvency proceedings


eIn the whole hall full of classic cars, and in the middle sits Boris Becker. He is about to celebrate his 52nd birthday, so he does not belong to the very old iron yet. Even though he has seen a few scratches from life and needs to get rid of some spare parts, in the hip, on the ankle. On this day Becker comes back on crutches, the left leg is in a rail. An operation on the outer band, postponed for a long time, he finally managed to get over. It took him forever, until he found four weeks at a time, he says, because of "many professional commitments." The day before Boris Becker opened a lightning match tournament in Bucharest. After 13 moves he was dulled. A defeat that does not hurt him.

Thomas Klemm

Editor in the section "Money & More" of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

So now he sits in the midst of old luxury cars that flash and flash and are well preserved. The name of the museum in Mainz-Kastel matches the three-time Wimbledon winner: "Startimer", a term made for the oldest seventeen-year-old of all time. He is fine, says Becker and shows his usual self-assured smile. He also knows about car dealerships. He himself owned three pieces, on the Baltic Sea, for more than twenty years. He sold her in 2017. Whether it was a good deal, none of the parties has ever betrayed. Even a Boris Becker still has trade secrets. Although he had to "drop his pants" after the initiation of bankruptcy in summer two years ago, as he calls it.

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