BOrse Express – UFO and Lufthansa want to talk about possible mediation


After the strike of the cabin crew union
UFO at Lufthansa Both sides want to return to
Come talk. According to reports, they are scheduled for Sunday on a
secret place about a possible arbitration of the collective bargaining conflict
to advise. Lufthansa and Ufo agreed strict silence
to details. You need the confidentiality to difficult
to clear up legal issues, had Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr
said in advance. "If we settle, the whole thing has to be legal
Stop. "

UFO spokesperson Nicoley Baublies said he hopes that weekend
a contract for conciliation talks will be signed. at the same time
The union threatened again before the meeting with the strike
to other Lufthansa companies. At Lufthansa
must be "a complete U-turn," said Baublies. "Either we
have a solution or we will announce that it is one
must give massive expansion. Because, if that's not enough, yes,
then more companies have to strike and then it has to be longer
be. "On Monday, the next action will be announced.
Ufo had the Lufthansa core company on Thursday and Friday
strike. Lufthansa canceled a total of 1500 flights and spoke of
200,000 affected passengers. The union had previously
threatened with an extension of the strikes. After balloting is
she is also on strike at four Lufthansa subsidiaries – at Germanwings,
Eurowings Germany, LufthansaCityLine and SunExpress Germany.
UFO calls in the collective bargaining dispute for the approximately 21 000
Lufthansa flight attendants higher expenses and allowances and the better
Access for seasonal workers in regular employment. By doing
The whole conflict is mainly about the question of whether UFO
enforce wage agreements for the cabin crew at all

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