Borussia Dortmund goes under at 0: 4 at Bayern Munich


The heads go down: Dortmund after the 0: 4 of Munich
Picture: EPA

BVB wants to become champion. But the bad 0: 4 in Munich questions the project. With the fans raging rage rages. And it turns out that something in this team is just not true.

AIn the first Dortmund, the man who had embodied the chasms of this football evening, like no other, ran to the team bus. Concealed under a hood pulled deep in his face, Jadon Sancho hurried off, preferring not to speak after the scary 0: 4 of his BVB at Bayern, and after coach Lucien Favre had replaced him after 35 minutes. A physical injury presumed by benevolent observers did not underlie this measure. "You've seen that: he just was not good enough. He was not injured, "said coach Favre with disarming candor.

Sancho had crashed with an attempt to stand out in a flash of feats in front of a global audience in this game. And he had surrendered in a competition that was about combat readiness and resilience, like one of those guys from the football field who carried the label "Beautiful Player" with them. Some others were scarcely better, but Sancho was especially hard-hit by the paralyzing poison that seemed to flow through the Dortmund's nerve tracts. "Jadon! Jadon! "Favre had called increasingly desperately, because the Englishman disregarded both focuses for this game: physical presence and a quick simple play structure as a means against the strong Munich pressing. Sancho had not even appreciated his coach with a look.

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