Bravisimo: the two covers that Claudio left in the momentary fall against Liverpool | Football


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Manchester City is falling by two goals to zero against Liverpool in a crucial duel for the Premier League leadership.

Fabinho at six minutes and Mohamed Salah at 13 are giving the momentary advantage to those led by Jurgen Klopp.

In the ‘citizens, the inclusion from the first minute of Claudio Bravo Under the three sticks was the main novelty. The national goalkeeper had no major responsibility in the many received. On the other hand, he was the protagonist of two large covers that prevented a more bulky marker.

At 37 minutes, Alexander Arnold starred in a great escape by the right sector and reached the edge of the rival area to yield the ball to Firmino. The Brazilian settled down and took a shot between the defenders legs That was well contained by the Chilean.

When the 45 minutes were played, Liverpool put together a good play by the left sector. The ball was served to Salah who took a shot to place midway. Again Bravo rose and managed to remove the danger.

With this result, those directed by Josep Guadiola continue to move away from the leadership of the Premier League, which is exactly what the Anfield team has.

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