Breathe, Diego: Gymnastics hit Aldosivi but still does not leave the bottom


After falling in the Classic of La Plata, Gymnastics visited Aldosivi by date number 13 of the Argentine Super League.

Those led by Diego Maradona they showed again that their strong point is the away matches and thrashed their opponents 3-0.

Maximilian Colonel, emblem of Wolf, opened the scoring in the 24th minute of the first half of the clash played in the Jose Maria Minella.

Eric Ramirez, debutante, extended the advantage in the 35 'and gave absolute peace of mind to those of Fluff, who went 2 to 0 up to rest.

Criminal Matias Garcia He scored 3 to 0 and put final figures to a key match for the lower zone of the averages table.

The triumph means a pamper for the people of Gymnastics who copied Mar del Plata and also for his DT, who breathes but knows that he will need more than 3 points to get out of the last position.

  • La Plata Gymnastics
  • Aldosivi
  • Argentine Super League

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