Brest – PSG: the 5 lessons to remember from this short Parisian success (2-1)


At the end of a new and uncomfortable match against Stade Brest, Paris Saint-Germain still managed to get the three points (2-1) in Ligue 1. It's again Mauro Icardi who played the role of savior, scoring the goal of the victory in the last minutes.

It was time for the International Truce to begin for the Capital Club. Thomas Tuchel will be able to work during the next two weeks to give a new impetus to his team.

The PSG still in small form

This month of November is delicate for the PSG. Since his big win against OM in Ligue 1 at the end of October (4-0), the club of the capital fails to evolve at its best. If the men of Thomas Tuchel had already experienced a third defeat in the league, the week spent on the grass of Dijon (2-1), they went to win the win against Brugge in the Champions League in pain last Wednesday (1 -0).

For this meeting in Brest, the PSG has not yet reassured. If the club of the capital came with the firm ambition to reassure itself, it still knew some soft shots. On the equalization Brest in particular, the Parisian defense was too apathetic. Still succeeding in taking the three points in this match, the teammates of Thiago Silva will have to succeed to raise their level of play in the coming weeks.

A first home defeat for Brest

If the PSG was, of course, the favorite before the kickoff, it should be noted that the Stade Brestois remains one of the best home league teams. While the Brest players had played six games in front of their public since the recovery, they still had not experienced the slightest defeat (3 wins and 3 draws).

It was therefore necessary that the PSG does the work to win. Having managed to shake up the Parisian team many times, the Brest club cracked late in the game. However, this suggests beautiful things for the promoted. Always installed in the first part of the table, he may well succeed in reviving quickly.

Sergio Rico, a first in L1

Injured during the warm-up, Keylor Navas had to give his place to Sergio Rico in the Paris cage. The goalkeeper loaned by Sevilla FC was playing his first minutes with PSG. If the 26-year-old goalkeeper was sure to play a quieter game, the Spaniard had to show up many times.

Despite a missed ball control in the first period, which could have been expensive for his team, Sergio Rico made a solid match later. If he can not much on the equalization of Stade Brest, the Spanish goalkeeper has been reassuring in most of his interventions. Good news for PSG who can count on a luxury lining for the rest of the season.

Edinson Cavani, still too tender

Having no longer been with PSG since last August, Edinson Cavani had a great opportunity to remember all his qualities of finisher. Now in competition with Mauro Icardi, the Uruguayan international has already fallen behind because of a hip injury shortly after the recovery.

If he was sure to score points during this meeting, El Matador will not have managed to highlight. Too little served at the tip of the attack, the 32-year-old has indeed given way to Mauro Icardi ten minutes from the end of the meeting. The new entrant, for its part, has not failed to comfort a little bit its status.

Mauro Icardi, once again decisive

Resting before the start of this meeting, Mauro Icardi surely had the desire to show that he was indispensable in the Parisian system. Author of eight goals in his last seven appearances with PSG, the Argentine international was part of the men in great shape of the Parisian squad.

After 80 minutes on the sideline, Thomas Tuchel chose to throw him to change the outcome of the match. And he only needed five minutes to play the saviors! Like a fox from the surfaces, the Paris striker gave the victory to his team on his first opportunity.

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