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The momentum of three consecutive victories is behind the Stade Brestois, beaten blow to blow in Amiens (1-0) and by the PSG (1-2). But the first three months bring grounds of satisfaction which make it possible to believe reasonably to the maintenance in Ligue 1.

In the game, from the following in the ideasBy hiring Olivier Dall'Oglio last summer to succeed Jean-Marc Furlan, the Stade Brestois did not want to create a break with the background work initiated by the Girondin, who led the team three seasons ( 2016-2019). This continuity in the change accelerated the (re) familiarization of the promoted with Ligue 1.

The two visions of "JMF" and "ODO" are not superimposed in every way, between the possession game erected on one side and the possession game open on the contortions of events.

On this point, the Brest style is not yet completely identifiable. Brest has not really mastered a match from start to finish. Very effective, then much less. Ultra solid, then naive or faulty on several goals conceded. This team has room for improvement. It's rather encouraging.

In the team, multiple options"I have different players, but very close to each other," said Dall'Oglio, Saturday night, after the defeat against PSG. He started 19 players and used 22 pros (out of his 26) in the league. The satisfactions are more numerous than the individual disappointments. A good sign.

The original team-type was reworked in his faces and his system also a few weeks ago. After 4-3-3, Brest returned to 4-2-3-1 this weekend, and Mathias Autret found his place in support of Charbonnier, who remains stuck to a goal even if his role remains essential .

Without a goal scorer, is Stade Brestois not weakened? It's a limit, but so far, the team manages to hide by multiplying scorers. Ten different, including defenders.

And when a Brest comes down from the cloud, another goes up there. Maupay in 2016-2017, fumbler in 2017-2018, Charbonnier in 2018-19, to which succeed Court, already seven assists (and two goals).

In the standings, Brest has taken the lead

17 points in 13 days. Four wins, five draws, four losses. The balance sheet is good, and the Stade Brestois is not dropped on any secondary ranking (attack, defense, home, outside …). The road is still long, especially in this very tight championship behind the PSG. Take the gamble that the maintenance will be played beyond the 40 points, in May …

But before the truce, the Brestois will still play Nantes (November 23, after the international cut), Strasbourg and Nice to Le Ble, Marseille, Lille and Montpellier on the move. There are still some points to scrounge to spend the holidays warm in this middle of ranking that removes fear.

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