Breuil wins logically 3 goals to 1 against Pouilly-en-Auxois


The first period was really interesting with two teams players and resolutely turned towards the attack. The actions follow each other from one camp to another and the first minute sees the visiting goalkeeper Gwereg Poillon fend off a shot by Valentin Martin.
The answer is immediate a minute later with a raid of the center forward Julien Langlant balanced (or not) in the surface! A corner in favor of Violets (now in white) sees Jeremy De Simone place his head close to (10). Warning !
The CĂ´tes d'Oriens benefit from two successive corners. Big trouble before the goals of Yohan Lamalle who saves a first time on a point-blank shot of Emmanuel Desplantes and a second of Louis Debard, very active on his wing. The players of the coach Thomas Pilato have just let their luck pass … The last quarter of an hour will see the Brogeliens take the game on their own and Romain Parizon sends a shot on the post of Gwereg Poillon (32).

And Jeremy De Simone came …

With two goals on corner, the first just before entering the locker room and the second 10 minutes after returning to the field (44, 55). Raphael Cafagna's corner. The great Jeremy De Simone goes higher than everyone else to open the scoring at the best time.
So we take the same and we start again. Second goal of the intractable defender who over 40 years demonstrates that he has lost none of his timing and its devastating stance. And meanwhile, Raphael Cafagna had scored a goal of the head from the recovery on a center of Antonin Lemond (46). The young Yohan Lamalle again saves his goals of a reflex stop on a shot by Louis Debard. But he will have to bow to a deflected free-kick from Dimitri Leopold (78).At Le Breuil, Montvaltin stadium: ESA Le Breuil beats AS Pouilly-en-Auxois 3 – 1 (1 – 0)
Referees: Mr. Thomas assisted by Mrs. Ferreira and Ferreira
Pouilly-en-Auxois: Poillon, Pack, Domin, Gaunet, Lechenault, Leboeuf, Debard, Pereira, Langlant (cap.), Trontin, Desplantes, Battle, Leopold, Paraboz coach: Thomas Pilato
The Breuil: Lamalle, Chapet, Lemond, De Simone, Trabet, De Sousa (cap.), Garden, Parizon, Bouroga, Cafagna, Martin, Chopin, De Oliveira, Desvignes coach: Vincent Rameau

Thomas Pilato, coach Pouilly-en-Auxois
: We have a very good start to the game where we could have scored twice. The end of period is worse and we take a goal just before the recovery and a second just after. Followed by a 3rd! But the players did not give up and score a goal that rewards their efforts.
Vincent Rameau, coach Le Breuil : Our victory is logical even if we could have been led to the score. This is not the case, the players do not let go in a state of mind that I like. The young people are progressing and this is our 7th match without defeat.

A good operation

Nevers beat, draws for USBG, Maconnais UF 2, Maconnaise JS, Le Breuil performs a very good operation and is placed in the top three points tied with the first two. It has been a long time since we knew this from Montvaltin. And all hopes are allowed with young people who assert themselves over the meetings (Yohan Lamalle soon 18) and some old ones who feel pushing wings.

Joel Servy

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