Briton Brash wins a rugged horse jumping test in Verona


Verona (Italy), Nov. 10 (EFE). – The fourth stage of the World Cup on horseback jumping, held in Verona (Italy) this weekend within the European circuit, left the British Scott Brash as winner. to "Hello M'Lady" in an exciting final in which several dropouts took place.

The bustling Italian public did not stop screaming and making noise during the competition, sometimes promoting and interfering in others the performance of the binomials, on a good day with 16 of the participants, of the total of 38, qualifying for the tiebreaker thanks to their "Zeros."

In this round, Brash managed to finish the tour again without penalties and a time of 35.55 seconds, ahead of Irishman Darragh Kenny with “Romeo” (36.06) and world number one, Swiss Steve Guerdat with “Alamo ”(36.19).

At a press conference, Brash analyzed his victory “with the fortune of leaving the last one”, which allowed him to verify that if he galloped a little deeper after the last double effort, he would obtain greater speed for the final line.

“It was hard to beat Kenny's time, that's why I'm very happy; the mare is very delicate, I had a little stress from the noisy environment, I tried to relax as much as possible and luckily we made it, ”he added.

On the first tour, five binomials had to abandon the test for "disobedience", after their horses refused to overcome any of the posts twice; among them the rider Eduardo Alvarez Aznar, the only Spanish participant and still with options to go to Tokyo 2020.

Aznar competed with "Rockefeller", with him occupies the second position of the Olympic qualification list, and at the exit of the triple obstacle he failed to make the following effort, at which time a leg injury apparently occurred.

The Spanish explained to Efe that despite this setback he will not change his plans with this equine and will return to the arena on December 13 in the test of La Coruna (Spain).

The Italian Giulia Martinengo had worse luck when she fell off her horse "Elzas", precisely in the middle of triple, although she was able to leave the arena by her own foot without serious consequences.

With these results Steve Guerdat maintains the leadership of the World Cup in horse jumping in the Western European category, organized by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), with 30 points.

The Swedish Peder Fredricson (28 points) and the Italian Emanuele Giudiano (26) will test the first position of the Swiss in Stuttgart (Germany) from November 13 to 17, 2019, until reaching the global final next April in Las Vegas (U.S). EFE

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