Bundesliga: Austria win against Mattersburg


The Violet succeeded after three laps with only one point again a sense of achievement, even if they had to tremble in the finish properly. The Mattersburger conceded, however, their fifth defeat in a row and are thus as a table penultimate only one point before taillight Flyeralarm Admira, which lost at LASK 0: 1.

However, the success of the Austria supporters could not be lenient. The organized fan scene renounced throughout the game on cheers and instead presented banners at regular intervals, on which the club leadership – especially CEO Markus Kraetschmer, but also the sporting director Peter StOger and Ralf Muhr – were strongly criticized.

Fans of Austria

GEPA / Christian place

The Austria fans expressed their dissatisfaction with the situation at their club expression

Austria with system conversion

The game started with a startling moment for Austria. After a throw Mattersburg's Marko Kvasina pulled relatively unmolested in the box, but forgave from a good position. Shortly thereafter, Manprit Sarkaria had an opportunity on the opposite side, his half volley after cross from Christoph Monschein went far over the crossbar.

The 23-year-old was also due to the conversion of Austria coach Christian Ilzer moved to a 4-2-3-1 system in the team. The home side felt clearly comfortable in the new formation, urging the Mattersburger clearly on the defensive and worked out half chances, such as in a parried by Goalie Markus Kuster, deflected sarcaria shot (3).

Well deserved guided tour through Grunwald

The emerging leadership of the Viennese followed in the 14th minute. After a corner, Andreas Kuen headed the ball back into the danger zone, Michael Madl won the header duel with Kvasina and Grunwald shot smoothly. Ten minutes later, a long-range shot from Florian Klein landed at the top of the slat. The goal would have counted, although the ex-team player was clearly offside.

Halfway dangerous in the penalty area of ​​Burgenland was also a miss by Sarkaria (33) and an attempt by Erik Palmer-Brown from close range over the gate (36). But also the Mattersburger had their opportunities: In the 30th minute Kvasina failed in the penalty area to Austria goalie Ivan Lucic, who also had to summon his skills shortly before the break in a shot by Jano.

With defensive battle to victory

The presumed preliminary decision succeeded the Austria in the 50th minute. Again the Mattersburger did not bring the ball away after a Corner, and this time it was Ebner, who was successful in the ambush by low shot. Afterwards, the "Violets" were closer to the third goal than the SVM to the connecting goal. In the 67th minute Kuster fished a Grunwald free kick from the corner.

In the finish, the Mattersburger but threw everything once again forward, reward for this was the Anschluss gate of the substitute citizens. The striker headed in the 77th minute after a corner. Thereafter, Austria delivered against the relegation candidates from a defensive battle and brought the lead over the time.

Tipico Bundesliga, 14th round


Austria – Mattersburg 2: 1 (1: 0)

Vienna, Generali Arena, 7.385 spectators, SR Muckenhammer

1: 0 Grunwald (14)
2: 0 Ebner (50th)
2: 1 citizens (77.)

Austria: Lucic – Klein, Palmer-Brown, Madl, Borkovic – Ebner, Jeggo (83./Serbest) – Sax (79./Prokop), Grunwald, Sarcaria – Monschein (88./Edomwonyi)

Mattersburg: Kuster – HOller (55./Halper), Mahrer, Rath, Lercher – Hart, Jano, Erhardt (64th / citizen) – Kuen (84./Olatunji), Salomon – Kvasina

Yellow cards: Madl, Edomwonyi, Grunwald, Ilzer (coach) and Salomon

The best: Ebner, Sarkaria, Klein and Jano, Salomon

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