Bundesliga: Borussia MOnchengladbach wins against Werder Bremen and strengthens first place (3-1, videos)


VSe that was shouted in 1989 became murmur thirty years later. And what we are shouting today was barely stammering in the late 80s.

At the time, Europe aspired more than anything to human rights. More than social and economic demands, more than ethical requirements. " Freedom ! Exclaimed protesters from Berlin, Prague, Warsaw, Budapest, Bucharest, who managed the unthinkable, the disappearance of communism in three spoons! (While their Chinese comrades were being hacked into Tiananmen Square.)

At present, human rights seem out of fashion. It is even good for some people to be choosy in front of those they call "right-of-the-homosexuals", disgusting expression that justifies cynicism in the name of so-called realism. Among these beautiful minds, one finds pell-mell of the men of right like Zemmour or Sarkozy, as much as of left such Badiou, Vedrine or Chevenement.

Even our league …

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