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The accident suffered by the Real Boyaca squad took place near the roads of Cesar.

9 Nov 2019 20:24By: canalrcn.com

UNUSUAL! … Real Boyaca was heading to face La Arenosa FC in the semifinal of the U-23 National Football Tournament, for youth soccer in Colombia. The incredible thing is that despite the reason for the late arrival to the engagement, they lost due to delay.

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The vehicle accident occurred in the morning on the roads of San Antonio, Cesar and although they say it was raining at the time of the accident, the youth team was unharmed, as was the rest of the team's squad. No person suffered serious injuries.

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Thus, Real Boyaca lost the game because he showed up late, despite the real reason for the incident, where fortunately no injuries were reported and now we only have to wait for the answer to give the soccer team to the youth team that wants to appeal the decision.

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