Calendar of Foursquare League A of Liga Aguila 2019 ((Days and times confirmed))


In November it feels like December is coming. This is what the eight teams from the Aguila League know, hoping to arrive at Velitas Day competing to keep the Colombian champion title.

The final home runs of the league begin without any clear favorites and with eight teams that arrive separated in the general table only by three points. According to the draw, in zone A are the top candidates from the economic, Atletico Nacional and Junior de Barranquilla, along with the always uncomfortable Tolima Sports and the enigmatic Cucuta Deportivo.

The final home runs will be extended throughout November, leaving each group winner deposited in the grand final, which will be held on December 3 and 7, according to Dimayor on the day of the draw.

Calendar of Foursquare A of the Eagle League 2019

Date 1

National 3-1 Cucuta (Saturday 9 / Nov, 7:30 pm)

Junior vs. Tolima (Sunday 10 / Nov, 5:00 pm)

Date 2

Tolima vs. National (Wednesday 13 / Nov, 7:00 pm)

Cucuta vs. Junior (Thursday 14 / Nov, 8:30 pm)

Date 3

National vs. Junior (Sunday 17 / Nov, 6:30 pm)

Cucuta vs. Tolima (Sunday 17 / Nov, 8:30 pm)

Date 4

Junior vs. National (to define)

Tolima vs. Cucuta (to define)

Date 5

National vs. Tolima (to define)

Junior vs. Cucuta (to define)

Date 6

Cucuta vs. National (to define)

Tolima vs. Junior (to define)

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