"Capacity has nothing to do with age": Vucetich


GUADALAJARA – The technician of Gallos Blancos de Queretaro, Victor Manuel Vucetich, described as 'nonsense' that people are evaluated according to their age and not their ability, after the former leader of the Flock, Francisco Gabriel de Anda , revealed that he could not sign Vucetich for Chivas because he exceeded the 55 years imposed by the leaders of Guadalajara for hiring the strategist.

“The specific case with De Anda, I have a relationship of many years and knows me perfectly, maybe that's why he thought at some point in this position about me. The question of age is something that makes no sense, we all know in large companies have people of 60 years, (Harvard University) did that study, they (the older ones) are the ones who run the companies and have more capacity. You talk by talking. "

For Vucetich, the capacity has no age:

"We could bring a player like Marcel Ruiz, who is 19 years old and a great player, or another 34, what must be qualified is capacity, not age," explained the strategist of Queretaro.

He criticized the attitude of his players in the first period, where the Flock took advantage of the circumstances and scored three goals to the Queretano team.

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“We were wrong in the first part, we left with an attitude that was not ours. We made mistakes that capitalized well. The first time was theirs, the second ours, we were able to tie and I see that we modified the attitude a lot, it is something that we must correct and avoid having these participations, ”he said.

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