Caribex will better position Cuba's fishery products in China


November 10, 2019, 0:59
Text and photo: Yolaidy Martinez RuizShanghai, China, Nov. 10 (Prensa Latina) The Caribex company reported today the realization of agreements and the strengthening of relations with China to keep Cuba's fishery products better priced, introduce new species and jointly manage facilities linked to the sector.

Its general director, Javier Aguiar, said in an interview with Prensa Latina that these results were achieved in the context of the second International Exhibition of Imports and Exports (CIIE), where they presented innovative and traditional offers such as whole lobster, raw and frozen .On that leading product, he said, the Cuban company ratified the existing contracts and the local part accepted an increase in prices in its market for the end of the year activities and the Lunar New Year, moments where demand increases.

Caribex signed a letter of intent to sell here the angula, which is the fry of the eel and the only one allowed by fishing laws.

This is a new proposal and the island exports it alive under rigorous mechanisms that guarantee its quality.

Aguiar added that the framework led to knotting relationships with entrepreneurs in order to maintain and increase the costs of said resource.

In turn, it led to the signing of another document referring to investment plans to build fish feed factories in Cuba, essential to achieve stability and avoid a deficit in that regard.

A third letter of intent opens the way to jointly cultivate eel in China.

On the other hand, the manager mentioned that he took advantage of the participation in the CIIE to promote other branches of the food industry in his country.

'We have brought new products that have been incorporated into the industry such as rums and coffee (…) with job prospects not only in China, but in companies that have come to this fair as a reference to be able to take them', he said, citing important exchanges with representatives of Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern nations on the issue of coffee for its recognized high quality.

According to Aguiar, with the purpose of inserting more goods in the Chinese market, they also managed to link traditional customers of fishery products with Cuban coal and La Estancia firms, dedicated to juices, fruit nectars and canned products.

At the last point, he spoke of the termination of a plant with Chinese technology and mostly automated to elaborate those and other foods in the central province of Ciego de Avila, Cuba's main fruit crop center.

The installation works with several types of packaging and gives the possibility of marketing items that do not need refrigeration during their manufacture, distribution and storage.

'It gives these benefits and today we can reach the Chinese market with these products (…) but we also seek to replace imports that (imply) strong (spending on) the currency and that tourism matters. It gives security in the product, in quality and conservation ', he summarized.

Caribex is part of a delegation of 31 companies and nine business representations of Cuba with offices in China that attend the international stock exchange, which closes its doors this Sunday and is valued as key along with the initiative of the Strip and the Road in the role that the Asian giant plays against protectionism.

The fair generates high expectations because it is the opportunity to reveal to the second power of the planet the exportable offers of each participant, to then arrange possible business.

Cuba proposed on this occasion the goal of better inserting its goods and services to place them in development areas and technology parks of the Asian giant.

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