Carlos Chiquito Bossio and one of the most exciting moments of the great student party


It was emblematic and will continue to be. On May 15, 1996, what had never happened before happened: an archer scored a goal for the first time in the history of Argentine football professionalism. The author of the deed was Carlos Bossio, at that time the 'one' of Students before Racing. The context: the Pincha lost 1-0 in the Cylinder when Tiny He decided to go find the center at 44 minutes of the second half. “Pompei said 'grab it to the big guy' but they were all branded and nobody grabbed me. I jumped alone and when I saw that the ball was coming I could not believe it, "said the Cordoba some time later.

And as against Racing 23 years ago, Bossio took a deep breath and jogged to the rival area in search of the "heroic". This Saturday, in the reopening of the stadium in 1 and 57, the one who accommodated was Leandro Benitez in the corner, who sent her perfect to the area for the appearance of Tiny: violent stub and recreation of his historic goal.

The friendly exhibition ended 7-7, but without a doubt what he did Tiny It will remain in the retina of all those who were on the stands of the renovated Hirschi.

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