Carnoet. With 400,000 visitors, attendance at the Vallee des Saints stagnated in 2019


The goal of the Valley of the Saint, Carnoet (Côtes-d'Armor) is still 1,000 statues. By 2020, 24 new ones should emerge. Several projects could help develop the site.

Philippe Abjean during his speech | WEST FRANCE

  • Philippe Abjean during his speech
    Philippe Abjean during his speech | WEST FRANCE

"One thing at a time, one day at a time, one step at a time. " This is the motto of Philippe Abjean, founding president of the Valley of Saints, in Carnoet (Côtes-d'Armor), which opened the general assembly on Saturday. He was surrounded by members of the board, including General Secretary Jean-Rene Cougard and Site Director Sebastien Menguy.

For Philippe Abjean, the goal remains, eventually, 1,000 statues. To achieve this, it will be necessary to consider "A house of sculptors".

And to add: "Do not be fooled by a first success. We must also take into account the administrative complexities: they make our adventure an obstacle course. " Some examples : "The requests to implant each statue, submit the exact location, calculate the wind speed …"

For 2020, "Our goal is 24 more statues, with saints coming out of their village, from their hamlet … As if to finally proclaim a spiritual awakening. "

"Broaden the geographic base"

The assembly mentioned the problem of attendance: for the first time stagnated for ten years, it stagnated. 400,000 visitors all the same. "The curiosity effect is very present but it may not be as strong. "

The site mainly attracts visitors who are in its immediate vicinity; In the last ten years, it has attracted visitors who come and come back from Brittany (altogether 50% from Brittany, 40% from the rest of France, 10% from other countries). "It must now expand its geographic base to continue to grow. "

An idea is proposed: the organization of events in connection with the genetic code of the association (sound and light shows, concerts, exhibitions). Other projects: open up to schools even more; to create a sculpture school as well, but it is a long process that goes through several phases, the first of which was to define all the major areas of activity of granite sculpture … There was also talk of parking and improving the comfort of the sculptors.

Finally, a date to remember: Kan ar Vein, it will be August 2, 2020.

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Carnoet. With 400,000 visitors, attendance at the Vallee des Saints stagnated in

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