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Caroline Garcia, after France's victory in the Fed Cup final: "It was not super smooth, I must admit. There was a lot of disappointment after my singles match, especially the way. I was very disappointed with my performance. Julien announced the selection for Sunday. I could only blame myself. I accepted. I thought Pauline was in her place to play this game and I was ready to play the deciding double.

It was a little written that it was going to be double decisive. Our first meeting together this season, it was a bit peculiar, it was a little tense we will not lie, everyone saw it. We all managed to put our ego aside and face it. Little by little, we made our way. With Kristina, a lot has happened. It marked everyone. We were really there to get our dream together. We managed to put our differences and our ego aside to face. We could not pick him up on our own.

"I managed to surpass myself at the net for better volleying than I had ever volleyed doubles in my life"

We won a couple of decisive doubles matches with Kristina. We lost that double in Strasbourg (2016 final against the Czechs), that one had hurt and stayed a long time across the throat. We learned from our mistakes, coping and being together during this game. She was confident, she gave me confidence, I managed to surpass myself at the net to better volley than I had never volleyed in doubles of my life.

We are very different players with very different personalities. Julien managed to adapt his speech to each of us, to find the words. He touched on keywords, being a team, we were going to do it together. The speech he made pleased me and he also pleased my father. I felt ready to come back. In previous years, when I approached the subject with my father, it was very delicate emotionally. There, I felt stronger, I thought that I had grown up and that I was able to come back. I'm glad I made that decision. "

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