cars and hammer blows


The Mossos d'Esquadra are investigating a very violent robbery that six people perpetrated in the early hours of this past Thursday in the Montserrat de Abrera shopping center, in Barcelona. A group of six men, with the covered faces and blows of mallet, they entered this mall to take material from a jewelry store and a mobile phone shop.

In a lightning theft, which does not reach 10 minutes, thieves enter the mall with three stolen cars and destroy several stores and they are loading the material in plastic bags and also in high-end cars: two BMW X5 and a Volswagen Past-, which they use to escape

With cars inside the mall

With cars, they walk inside the mall, as you can see in these video images of the security cameras of the same center, to which you have had access

Complicated hunting

Although the Mossos d'Esquadra have opened an investigation to clarify the facts, it will be difficult to catch them. Thieves they look like robbery professionals by moon landing and police found no evidence that could help them identify.

Catalan police go behind several groups that are dedicated to this type of robbery, but they have a lot of mobility throughout the state and Catalan territory.

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