CASE IH LB436 HD: The press that squeezes even more!


The new LB436 HD takes the same format of balls of 120 x 90 cm but takes advantage of several specificities that will allow him to tighten his balls a little more, with the ultimate goal of optimizing transport. These revolve around several points:

The new TwinePro Dual Knotter System is designed to boost productivity while eliminating litter and bale contamination. It significantly increases the tension force and reduces the risk of string breakage. This new system is also distinguished by fully revised and corrected needles, as well as a new needle fork retrieval system. The six TwinePro knotters on the LB436 HD are mounted on a more robust chassis to support higher piston loads and equipped with electric fans to keep the groups clean. They are based on a simple system to form an extremely strong loop, which allows the user to obtain the maximum permissible density with a wide range of strings, without the risk of bursting balls. The tying process of the loop eliminates falls likely to remain in the bales in favor of the improvement of the quality of the forage or the plot, in order to reduce the impact on the environment.

The system includes a new cam that allows a third rotation of the knotter beak to form a perfect loop. With TwinePro, once the first standard node is made, a second node, one with a loop is formed to increase the security of the ball. This buckle not only improves knot strength by 30% according to TAMA string manufacturer, which results in better ball quality and increased productivity, but also provides well-tied balls of standard density. using cheaper twine, or higher density with standard twine.

There is also a new string retaining disc with two outer slots instead of four which releases the pressure on the string when forming the second knot. In addition, an integrated shaft raises the support of the disc so that the string can come out instead of being cut. The camper drive of the knotter feeds the retaining disc, the cutting mechanism and the knife arm.

The LB436 HD is fully Isobus Class 3 compatible, which means not only that the press can be controlled from a terminal of the tractor but also that it can control the actions of the tractor, such as increasing the forward speed when the windrows are less provided to automatically boost productivity.

Its general construction

The chassis of the LB436 HD has been designed to withstand the loads transmitted by a high density system and manufactured on a structure for severe use. The drawbar, which has remained short for visibility and maneuverability, is bolted to the drawbar and is easy to adjust in height for different tractor couplings, while the upper section of the tractor feeding is an integral part of it. The constraints on the press and the tractor are therefore minimal.

The Pick-up

The 2.35m pickup mounted on the LB436 HD is equipped with a flow accelerator and a centering screw to ensure an efficient transition of the crop even in the presence of large windrows. The 5.5mm diameter spiral steel fingers are arranged on five bars rather than four, unlike the other LB Case IH models, to quickly pick up clean crops during high density pressing. The swivel gauge wheels of the pick-up are optional.

The low friction and flat surfaces of the new polypropylene collection finger guards improve crop flow and feed regularity, thanks to the absence of curved edges that provide a seamless lateral transition from the centering screws. The use of polypropylene also maximizes the life of the protections thanks to its excellent flexibility and minimal deformation.

Rotor Cutter System

The LB436 HD comes standard with Case IH's Rotor Cutter grinding system consisting of 29 knives and an adjustable selector to engage 7, 8, 14, 15 or 29 knives. The knives are individually protected and their selection is indicated on the cabin monitor.

A progressive commitment

To begin pressing, it is advisable to engage the tractor PTO at 850 rpm. The flywheel of the press increases in two stages, from 0 to 684 rpm then from 684 to 1,244 rpm. A message displayed on the Isobus display of the tractor then indicates that the commitment of the second gear is authorized and the driver can increase the engine speed of the tractor to bring the PTO speed to 1,000 rpm, which causes the increase of the flywheel speed of the press at its maximum of 1,445 rpm. In the same way as other press operating systems, the Isobus control remains informed and keeps control of all operations. With the new Case IH Isobus AFS Pro 700 terminal, the new control layout improves usability and ease of use.

The LB436 HD is equipped with an adjustable pre-compression chamber protected by a shear bolt and a piston that can reach a maximum speed of 48 strokes / min. The piston stroke is longer than that of the LB434 XL to introduce the crop deeper into the bale chamber and to avoid interference with the previous slice in feeding phase. In addition, the piston force has been increased by 150% compared to the LB434 XL and this is fixed by new bolted rods. The new position of the straw brakes improves the grip of each strand, while new shock absorbers reduce the noise level. The compression channel is longer and, instead of the two compression cylinders mounted on existing models, the LB436 HD has seven compression rings with larger compression rings. All these improvements have been developed so that as much crop as possible is compressed each stroke of the cylinder that scatters the material in the bale channel, in favor of yield.

The density system is equipped with two pumps located on the central gearbox. The first manages the standard density flow while the second produces a high flow rate to quickly close the tension rails. The system ensures that the bale chamber pressure is maintained after the PTO and the tractor engine are stopped. At the rear, a new, completely revised density ring makes it possible to control density traps more precisely and close them quickly. The side hatches are each controlled by two double acting hydraulic cylinders, while a third manages the upper hatch. The user can change the length of the bales using the new electrical control system mounted on the side of the machine.

Wide choice of optional hydraulic controls

The standard hydraulic finish consists of manual hydraulic functions, with electro-hydraulic adjustment of the knives, as well as a single acting hydraulic cylinder. An optional comfort package allows you to use the functions via the electro-hydraulic controls using the Power Beyond. This allows the operator to utilize the five hydraulic services required by the pressure, return, load sensing and pickup double acting cylinders – as well as additional hydraulic controls from the cab including ramp control, bale ejection and wheel lock.

Complete equipment

The LB436 HD press is equipped with a standard tandem axle. To limit cornering friction, the rear axle rotates 15 degrees but can be locked if necessary. An automatic hydraulic blocking circuit is available as an option.

New on the LB436 HD: the hydraulic suspension of the tandem axle. The presses equipped with this option are distinguished by a smooth movement and reduced shock transfer to the tractor and driver, allied with fuel economy. A pneumatic braking system is fitted as standard to ensure safe shutdown. Optional tires include the 600/50 R22.5 and 600/55 R26.5 models, which provide an ideal footprint and maximum ground protection, while maintaining press width within 3, 0 m for road travel.

The interview

The front cover and side panels of the LB436 HD can easily be lifted for maintenance and loading twine reels. In addition, to simplify and speed up maintenance, a new pack of new maintenance LEDs and work lights is available as an option. This not only makes night pressing safer, but also allows you to change reels or perform maintenance easily in the dark. To clean the press, a blower system is available in the form of a kit, while a continuous weighing system, a camera, a humidity detection device, a data mapping system, telematic functions and a total or partial bale ejection mechanism can be factory mounted as an option.

This new Case IH LB436 HD press will be introduced to the range of square balers in addition to the current LBs.

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