Cavani in the hard, strongly Neymar and Mbappe for Pierre Menes


Before the international break in November, Paris Saint-Germain consolidated its leading position in Ligue 1 by beating Brest (2-1).

Following 13 days of championship, the club of the capital has nine points ahead of his dolphin, Angers. Despite three defeats, the PSG still strolls ahead of the championship. In terms of results, but not really in terms of content, knowing that Paris has once again pained in Britain on Saturday. But the saviors of the house, namely Di Maria and Icardi, are once again there. Much to the chagrin of Edinson Cavani, who did not manage to find the net in his first tenure since August. What regrets Pierre Menes.

"Whatever Tuchel does, he disrespects Cavani"

"The PSG went to win painfully Brest, in a match that the Parisians have once again played without idea, without desire or intensity. And then it happened what will occupy the media for a few days, namely the exit of Cavani in the 80th minute, replaced by Icardi. Some will say that it is still a lack of respect for the Matador. Anyway, right now, it seems like whatever Tuchel does, he disrespects Cavani. While, perhaps for a first game holder after two months of absence, 80 minutes was already enough. The problem is that Icardi gave the victory in Paris on his first ball. On arrival, there is not much to say positive on the PSG in this kind of match. But it is high time that this club recovers its strength and that one day next, we see Neymar Mbappe and start a match together. Even if, obviously, this is not a valid argument when a club of this sporting and financial dimension moves to Brest », launched, on his blog, the journalist of Canal +, who knows that Cavani will now have a lot to do to return to Icardi in the offensive hierarchy of PSG.

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