Champions League (H): Montpellier miraculously in Zaporozhye – Hand – C1 (H)


Montpellier spent a very complicated Sunday in Ukraine, severely mistreated by the Motor Zaporozhye at the 7e Champions League Day. But the MHB managed to return the game in the last ten minutes to win on a goal Gilberto Duarte a few seconds of the final siren (26-25).

A big step towards its European goal

Four days away from the top of the French Championship, Thursday on the floor of the Paris-SG, the Herault formation has taken one step closer to its European goal of the season: to recover the knockout stage, which she had missed. last year.

Midway through the group stage, the MHB is just in second place in the so-called group B, behind Kiel and tied with the reigning European champion Vardar Skopje. He especially dug a chasm with his rivals in the race for the eighth, the Meshkov Brest and Zaporozhye, relegated to respectively seven and eight lengths.

It was very little, however, that Patrice Canayer's men returned to the fold with their heads down. After a balanced first quarter of an hour (6-6, 16e), they were long unable to cut the formidable technical relationship between Aidenas Malasinkas, the Lithuanian leader of Zaporozhye, and his pivot Maxim Babichev (7 goals).

The MHB counted four goals behind in ten minutes of the term

Montpellier counted up to six goals behind (15-9, 27e). At the edge of the last ten minutes, he was still led by four lengths (24-20, 50e).

But going back into defense "1-5" with Mathieu Grebille in advanced position, and raising his level of aggression, the MHB caused many losses of ball opponents and reversed the scenario. Served by a Jonas Truchanovicius full of energy, Benjamin Afgour equalized three minutes from time (25-25, 57e).

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