Charente-Maritime: a mayor goes on a crusade against anglicisms


"We can no longer accept being solicited in a language that is not ours," denounces the missive addressed earlier this week to Stephane Richard, the CEO of Orange. Mickael Vallet, his signatory and mayor of PS Marennes-Hiers-Brouage (Charente-Maritime), decided to go to war against anglicisms.

The object of his wrath is a mobile shop – in this case, a truck – created to promote fiber optics and very high speed in rural areas. Except that the telecommunications company named it Orange Truck. "There, it is no", slice the elected who refused to issue the decree authorizing the occupation of the public domain.

In September, Mickael Vallet had already pinned La Poste and Ma French Bank, its digital banking subsidiary. The mayor, who says he is "assailed daily" by these anglicisms, recalls the obligation to privilege the French language established since 1994 by the Toubon law.

It is that Mickael Vallet now chairs a new town housing the citadel of Brouage. This is none other than the presumed birthplace of Samuel de Champlain, the founder of Quebec City. The Francophonie is here elevated to the rank of public policy. "It's not a frank vision or a past. We must set an example, "says the elected representative.

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