Cheating allegations in victory of hit star Vanessa Mai


Best-selling actress: Vanessa Mai and Luna Schweiger had to fight through the show for over five hours. In the end, the singer won the victory although she took the lead late.

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A heartbeat final, a fall of the moderator and cheating reproaches: In the current episode of "hit the star" was a lot going on. Schlager singer Vanessa Mai competed against actress Luna Schweiger. In 15 laps the two had to prove their stamina, their general knowledge and their fighting spirit.

Even before the show it was hot with verbal attacks. Luna Schweiger: "Today Vanessa will experience what it's like to be a 'no-win-bunny' – an allusion to a movie by her famous father. Luna continues: "I always say: I prefer to make films with Til Schweiger than music with Dieter Bohlen." Schlager singer Vanessa Mai countered: "Luna, I have a role offer for you: the loser! When I'm done with you, all you have left is honey!"

Vanessa Mai took the lead after the 13th game

But at the beginning it looked different. Vanessa Mai had quite a fight in the first game "Reck-Rotations" and lost to Luna. The TV viewers were angry, because Vanessa could not see which technique the Schweiger daughter has used, while Luna was allowed to watch Vanessa closely during the pre-race. The reactions to Twitter showed the displeasure:

And also moderator Elton did not have it easy in the first game. The 48-year-old provided a moment of shock. He knelt unhappily and fell. The channel clarified on Twitter: "All clear: Elton's foot is ok!".

Luna Schweiger and Vanessa Mai: The actress could score up to 13 game. Then the hit star caught up. (Source: Willi Weber Photography)Luna Schweiger and Vanessa Mai: The actress could score up to 13 game. Then the hit star caught up. (Source: Willi Weber Photography)

After seven games, it looked like a triumph for Luna Schweiger, who was in the lead 25: 3. Vanessa Mai complained time and again that her buzzer would not work on guessing games, so she could push her later than her opponent.

But then she started a recovery and grabbed the victory at the end with the premium of 100,000 euros. The loser, on the other hand, got consolation from a prominent side. Luna Schweiger had her father Til as support. He was proud of her despite the defeat of his daughter. On his Instagram account he wrote: "Luna, you rocked the show!"

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