Chinese crashed with snowboard on Hintertuxer Glacier


Hintertux – A search operation triggered an accidental snowboarder from China on late Saturday afternoon at the Hintertuxer Glacier. The 29-year-old was initially as a member of a four-member group outside the secured ski room on the way down the valley. When the group returned to the secured ski room, she noticed the snowboarder's absence.

The man's companions contacted the rescue team shortly before 6 pm, which then initiated a search operation. After a short search, the forces found the missing person: He had crashed between Tuxer Fernerhaus and the 10-gondola mountain station over steep, rocky terrain crashed and injured.

The man had to be cared for by the mountain rescue service and the emergency doctor at the scene of the accident. At around 10 pm, the injured man was flown from the valley with the emergency doctor's helicopter to the Innsbruck hospital. Ten rescue teams from the Tux Mountain Rescue were deployed with an ambulance, four rescue teams from the Hintertux Glacier rescue team, three Rescue rescue teams and the Tux fire brigade to illuminate the landing site. (

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