Chinese FPX Team Wins League of Legends Worlds


(Paris) Nobody expected such a slap … The Chinese FPX team crushed the G2 Europeans (3-0) Sunday in Paris during the final of the video game world championships League of Legends, one most important events of the year in the esport.

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The Chinese FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) raised the "Summoner's Cup", the name of the trophy awarded to the winner, in front of 20,000 spectators gathered in the twilight of Bercy.

The game League of Legends, which mixes elements of strategy games and role plays, raises crowds around the world, in concert halls or stadiums always packed, and boasts some 100 million active players.

His goal is simple: two teams of five players compete to destroy the base of the opponent, while evolving in a fantasy world of monsters, dragons, turrets and henchmen. "The characters are inspiring, it's super fun," says 23-year-old Laura, who regularly follows League of Legends' European and South Korean leagues, sometimes several hours a day.

After this one-way final, the title of world champion remains in China, one year after the coronation of the Invictus Gaming team.

"Caps" vs "Doinb"

"I did not think it would be so dry," acknowledged AFP Fabien Culie, aka "Chips", who commented on the final live for OGaming TV. "There is a little frustration and unfinished feeling, I would have liked to feel a kind of suspense. "

For the first final of the "Worlds" held in Paris, the room was largely won the cause of G2, the last representative of Europe in the competition.

And G2, which hoped to offer the continent its first title since 2011, had largely dominated the season. Spaniard Carlos "Ocelote" Rodriguez was particularly impressed by eliminating the three-time world champion SKT in the semifinals, who are considered to be the greatest league player of all time in the league. Legends.

"In general, it's a super fun team to watch. They are not static, they are combative, "says Laura, a fan of G2.

In the aisles of Bercy, filled with fans in cosplay, the practice of disguising himself as a video game character, not easy to meet a single supporter of the Chinese team.

The support of the loud and colorful crowd, the giant clappings, the songs and the olas, were therefore not enough for Rasmus "Caps" Winther and his teammates, overwhelmed by the aggression of Kim Tae-sang, aka "Doinb And Gao "Tian" Tian-Liang, MVP of the match.

Eiffel Tower and Louis Vuitton

The League of Legends "Worlds" finale, "LoL" in gamers' jargon, is considered the Grail of esport competitions, ie competitive video game tournaments. The world champions have left with over $ 800,000.

"If you come for the money and for nothing else, do not come! ", However, launched" Doinb "for fans of video games that dream of professional gamers.

For ten years, the title published by the American studio Riot Games is the locomotive of esport, a sector spent in a few years of a small hobby of geeks to a flourishing industry. Esport is no longer a niche but a global "mainstream" phenomenon and LoL is the champion.

Sign of the prestige and importance of the event, League of Legends was installed on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower for its presentation press conference. And the trophy was put back in a trunk of the luxury brand Louis Vuitton, as for the World Cup football last year in Russia.

For this final, a giant screen was installed on the forecourt of the City Hall of Paris and the online audience of the final should exceed 100 million spectators last year.

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