Chinese FunPlus Phoenix, world champion after sweeping European G2 3-0


Miguel Angel Moreno

Sports writing, Nov 10 (EFE) .- The Chinese team FunPlus Phoenix was proclaimed world champion of the video game 'League of Legends' by sweeping 3-0 to the European 'G2 Esports', completely dominating the Paris final to score their first world title, the second of a Chinese set in the history of the 'Worlds'.

The world scene of the 'League of Legends' has new dominators: the Chinese teams, which were imposed in 2018 with the Invictus team and in this 2019 they repeated the feat with FunPlus. A new hegemony that displaces the squads of South Korea, winners of the five previous championships.

And history repeats itself, since the Chinese team lifted the 'Summoner's Cup' bypassing a European team: if last year it was 'Fnatic' this year has been 'G2 Esports', to which neither Parisian support allowed to win the victory, especially dominated in the second round.

The Chinese Gao Tian-Liang 'Tiang', who plays the position of 'jungle' was chosen as the most valuable player in a final in which his compatriot Lin Wei-Xiang 'Lwx' also stood out for the bottom line and South Korean Kim Han-saem 'Gimgoon' on the top line, one of the two non-Chinese FunPlus players.

Europe again lost the opportunity to win the 'League of Legends' world championship, the most followed video game of the 'eSports', in which two teams of five players (who choose magical creatures or 'champions') fight to destroy the rival nexus, the structure located in each corner of the board that defends each team, which is accessed by three roads (upper, central and lower), protected by towers, inhibitors and small warriors.

A great final that began with a small temporary disappointment: a technical problem caused a pause in the game of about ten minutes when the teams had just left the first map. Once the technical problems were solved, FunPlus claimed the first death, at 3 minutes on the top line, of South Korean Kim Han-saem 'GimGoon' on the Danish Martin Hansen 'Wunder'.

A very offensive FunPlus was ahead in deaths, although G2 took the initiative in when to throw rival towers, in a very balanced duel until half an hour, when the Chinese team launched their first offensive after defeating the 'Baron Nashor', a magical creature which gives advantage to the team that eliminates it, by the central lane, defended with many problems by G2.

The second attack of the Chinese team, around the 38th minute after killing their second 'Baron Nashor', first by the top line and then to the center, was final to put the first point for FunPlus Phoenix in this world final (1-0 ).

The ambition of the Chinese team was growing, and after a start of the second quite passive map, the attack was launched destroying towers along the upper and central line and with a 1-6 advantage in deaths, with a great performance by the Chinese Lin Wei- Xiang 'Lwx' on the center line and after 20 minutes they were planted in the defensive area of ​​the European team, well surpassed at all times.

Just then, a new pause stopped the action at the AccorHotels Arena in Paris for another 10 minutes, after which there was a skirmish in the jungle in which Lwx claimed three rivals and the Chinese team went to attack by the Central line, offensive stopped by Serbian Mihael Mehle 'Mikyx', but only temporarily because FunPlus claimed several deaths in the jungle to go for the link and score 2-0 before half an hour.

The Chinese victory was just one map, with the addition that no team had managed to lift a 2-0 against in a world final of 'League of Legends'. That was the level of the challenge of the European team, which lost two towers in the first ten minutes of a third very strategic map, almost without clashes.

G2 got the first death of the third manga, of the Polish jungle Marcin Jankowski 'Jankos', and began to take the initiative in the 'Summoner's Rift'; but FunPlus annihilated the 'Baron Nashor' and took advantage of the attack to go on the line for more than 25 minutes, making a great fight to eliminate two rivals, with the Chinese Gao Tian-Liang 'Tian' appearing by surprise.

The sentence arrived at 30 minutes, with a new 'Baron Nashor' eliminated by FunPlus, which annihilated other European players to go for the red nexus and achieve the title, again for a Chinese team, again a disappointment for the European fans of the 'League of Legends', who stayed at the gates in Paris. EFE

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