Christian Ilzer: "This victory does us all good, but there is still so much work to do"


  • Thomas Ebener: "Victory is extremely important to us"
  • Alexander Grunwald: "At some point, better times will come again"
  • Markus Kraetschmer: "The patron who quickly gives you a few million and says – continues – there will not be any in the current phase"
  • Franz Ponweiser on the situation at SVM: "It is precarious"
  • Marc Janko on the Austria: "They have not played it confidently today, but the 3 points saved"

FK Austria Wien win against SV Mattersburg 2-1. All votes for the game at Sky Sport Austria HD.

FK Austria Wien – SV Mattersburg 2: 1 (1: 0)
Referee: Dieter Muckenhammer

Christian Ilzer (FK Austria Vienna coach):
… about the game: "This victory is good for us all, but there is still so much work to do. We have to stay right now. We should continue with a win if we still want to go up. "

… before the game: "We are a lot farther away from the ominous line than the end of the table. But if you look at the next three games, then we have two semi-finals in the next two games and a final against Hartberg. If we perform these three tasks well, then we can still give this season a good turn and then have a realistic chance to come up. But first we focus on today's task. "

Thomas Ebener (FK Austria Vienna):
… after the game: "I'm just happy that we won the game. The victory is extremely important to us and it is all the better that I was able to contribute to it. "

… to the question of why it was finally a bit of a shiver: "Mattersburg has pushed us in the end. We just have to become so stable that this does not happen to us and we just end up completing a match like that. "

Alexander Grunwald (FK Austria Vienna):
… after the game: "The first 70 minutes were quite good, but after the first goal we started to shake. Since you have seen that the last few weeks have not left us without a trace, but I still think that the victory was deserved. Victories give confidence, so you can consolidate and then comes back to the self-understanding. We have to collect points, then we can look at the table again. It was the first step today. The road is hard and rocky, but at some point better times will come again. Such results bring us closer to these times. "

Markus Kraetschmer (Chief Financial Officer FK Austria Vienna) before the game in the video contribution:
… about the situation in Vienna-Favoriten: "We are closer to the relegation place than to a European Cup place."

… on the financial situation: "There are many bad rumors, but I can point everything out. We have made no secret of the fact that there is no financial cushion, but we have a financial statements and this also submitted to the League, as it was the condition of the League. But the patron, who gives you a few million dollars and says "go on," will not exist in the current phase. "

… about the fan problems: "There are limits, despite all emotionality. Anyone who transgresses these limits will no longer be communicated with them, but will be rigorously expelled. "

Franz Ponweiser (SV Mattersburg coach):
… after the game: "We tried to turn things around, but unfortunately it was not enough."

… about the situation: "It is precarious. We will get together and talk this week. We will see what actions we can take to get out of this situation. "

… before the game over the change on the goalkeeper position: "It was not an easy decision, but today we want to put our faith in the routine of Markus Kuster. We hope for stability. "

… before the match: "The table situation and the form curves of both teams will determine the playing style today. It will definitely be a game of bending and breaking. "

Alfred Tatar (Sky Expert):
… after the game: "With the first goal from Burger once more life came into the game, but Mattersburg then no longer had a recipe. Ultimately, a deserved victory of Austria. "

… before the game: "Austria have to win today to have a chance on the top six."

Marc Janko (Sky Expert):
… after the game: "A very important victory for the team and the whole club, which is not resting at the moment. They did not finish well today but saved the 3 points. "

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