Chronic result: Liverpool beat Manchester City 3-1 in the Premier | Premier League


Liverpool did not give a single advantage, it was an example of effectiveness and when he had to do it, he defended the advantage with his nails. He deservedly defeated a Manchester City 3-1 that lacked precision, and because of that he now sees his great rival move away in the fight for the Premier League title.

With controversy Liverpool wins 1-0 from 6 minutes with a Fabinho bombshell, just in the backlash of an action that raged the City players as a hand in the red area of ​​Alexander-Arnold, for penalty.

Sterling lost at 8 the draw in an oversight of the premises and Aguero also pardoned the hesitations of the reds in the background, but the guarantee of having a lethal attack solved everything: a fantastic change of front to the left and a service impeccable at the head of Salah put the score 2-0. Second arrival, two goals, one hundred percent effectiveness, 9 points of partial advantage over the ‘Guardiola Boys… total madness in Anfield!

Until the 24 the City did not fit well the blow, specifically until the moment when Aguero put a powerful shot to test the reflexes of Allison Becker, but then he was motivated and after 28 minutes Becker was lucky that Angelino's sting crashed in the stick. And fortune also saved the City at 37, when another quick exit was a little behind Firmino, which took power off his fierce shot.

Bravo flew to avoid Liverpool's third in a dry shot from Salah and again the game was back and forth, in the best Premier League style, until the whistle for the break.

The complement began and people noticed that Mane was missing, who at 51 dived when Henderson put a straight center at the head of who stung behind Walker, with more intelligence than stature, to decree 3-0 and then yes, finally, consolidate the win against his arch-rival in the fight for the title.

Sterling wanted, at 53, and finally got the Bernard Silva discount at 77, a shot in the corner of the area below that could not contain Allison Becker. The fury of Klopp for the previous lack in the play was anthology … and that his team won comfortably …

He forgave City the second and suddenly the duel intensified again. There were ten minutes left before closing and again the ones in blue were enraged by a hand in the area that should have been a penalty and for the second time he was denied. He reviewed the VAR but there was no intention … just as nothing convinced the energetic visitors.

Time was up without the City correcting its lack of precision and the celebration at Anfield was apotheosic: the opponent who took away a title they have waited for 30 years bit the dust, tested their medicine and suffered a blow that can be irreparable, even if there is still more than half Premier League …

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