Cienciano is champion of League 2: he won Santos 4-2 and promoted to First Division


The 'Dad' is back. Cienciano He was champion of the League 2 and ascended to the First Division of Peruvian football. The Cusco team beat Santos FC 4-2 at the Garcilaso de la Vega stadium in Cusco.

The victory of Cienciano He had the perfect frame. The Garcilaso de la Vega stadium wore all its red-painted grandstands. More than 30 thousand souls encouraged the 'Dad' from start to finish. Four long years in the Second Division came to an end. The team from Cusco was champion of the League 2 and will return to First.

The 2003 South American champion and 2004 Recopa champion began to win his victory in Cusco from the first minute. Breno Naranjo, head, scored minutes after the game began.

At 14 minutes midfielder Rudy Palomino managed to score the goal of confidence, with a powerful shot from outside the area that stuck in the left corner.

The third was Breno Naranjo, at minute 37, with a shot from the left, which Cienciano He went to rest with the excitement of the stands.

In the second half, Jose Cuero converted the fourth goal, which consolidated the return of the Cusquenos to the first division, after four years of absence.

However, Santos did not lower his arms and reached his first goal at 84 minutes from the hand of Argentine Mateo Ahmed, and a hard second both at 87 minutes also from Argentine Jose Alfani, although that was not enough to overcome the Cienciano which achieved international popularity by winning the 2003 South American Cup against the River Plate and the 2004 Recopa against Boca Juniors.

Cienciano vs. Santos FC: MINUTE TO MINUTE



41 'Santos FC GOL. Jose Alfani heads the second for the Nasquenos.

39 ' GOOOL by Santos FC. Matias Ahmed head brand.

2. 3' GOOOOOL from Cienciano. The Colombian Jose Cuero. Puts the fourth goal in favor of Dad after a cross shot.

19 'Change in Santos: Mateo Ahmed by Pedro Bautista.

17 'Change in Santos: Luciano Spataro by Jean Franco Falconi

16 'Chance for Mansilla (Santos FC) who hit the post.

14 'Uffffffffffff saved Santos. The quarter of is almost here Cienciano.

13 'Corner kick in favor of Cienciano Julio Aliaga reacts and clears the danger in his area twice.

12 'Long distance shot from Romagnoli to Santos goal. Julio Aliaga diverts her outside.

10 'Advanced position of Lopez (Santos FC)

4 'Santos FC through djJohan Sotil tries to reach the opponent's area, but there is no greater danger for Cienciano

3 'Bow bag of Cienciano.

2 'Santos FC takes the initiative of the meeting.

The second half of the Cienciano vs. Santos FC


45 + 2. END OF THE FIRST TIME. Cienciano wins Santos FC 3-0. If this result is maintained, 'Dad would ascend to the First Division after four years.

45 'Ufffff saved Santos FC. Jose Cuero kicked the goal, but Julio Aliaga kept the ball.

37 ' GOOOOOOOL from Cienciano. Breno Naranjo He received the great assistance of Ray Gomez. The forward kicked with the left to mark the third.

36 'Juan Romagnoli was face to face with Santos' goalkeeper, but his shot went over the crossbar.

32 'Yellow card for Jorge Molina (Cienciano) and Pedro Bautista (Santos FC)

30 'Corner kick for Santos FC. Johan Sotil will be in charge of hitting the ball. He was not in danger. Barbieri keeps the ball.

24 ' Santos FC try to surprise Barbieri, who kept the ball.

22 'Jorge Molina, captain of Cienciano, asks the public not to disturb the rival. Cienciano wins Santos FC 2-0.

19 'Kuncho center and Naranjo head. The ball goes off the field.

14 'GOOOOOOOL from Cienciano. Rudy Palomino puts the second in the Garcilaso de la Vega. He kicked from outside the area and puts it at an angle to beat Julio Aliaga.

14 'Yellow card for Santos FC. Piero Serra.

9 'Uffffffffffffffff. Was saved Cienciano. Johan Sotil's shot. Alfani and Mansilla try to defeat the Barbieri arc.

5' Cienciano It does not conform and continues to attack.

2' CITIZEN GOOOOOOOOOL. Breno Narajo leading down after Deyair Reyes center.

2 'Free kick in favor of Cienciano Deyair Reyes charges the foul.

3:00 pm. | The match began between Cienciano and Santos FC in the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega.

2:58 p.m. | Cienciano and Santos FC They are on the court waiting for the initial whistle of referee Kevin Ortega.

2.50 p.m. | Impressive public frame in the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega stadium before the Cienciano vs. Santos FC

Cienciano vs. Santos FC: confirmed lineups

Cienciano: Juniors Barbieri; Rudy Palomino, Jorge Molina, Juan Romagnoli, Javier Salazar, Ray Gomez, Edesson Kuncho, Breno Naranjo, Juan Lojas, Deyair Reyes, Jose Cuero.

Santos FC: Julio Aliaga, Matias Mansilla, Johan Sotil, Renzo Alfani, Pedro Bautista, Jean Falconi, Piero Serra, Andre Linan, Kenyi Barrios, Jose Lopez, Joel Quispe.

LIVE | LIVE | Cienciano vs. Saints they will collide on date 22 of the League 2. In the Inca Garcilaso de la Vega stadium in Cusco, the cast directed by Marcelo Grioni and the Nazca squad will face each other this Sunday, November 10 at 3:00 p.m. You can follow all the incidents of this match through

On the one hand, Cienciano He arrives at this duel in a very good way after defeating Juan Aurich 4-2 as a visitor last weekend. The Cusco team is the leader of the League 2 At this time with 41 points and has a good chance of staying in that position at the end of the regular phase of the tournament.

Meanwhile, Saints He received good news in the middle of the week: the CJ-FPF returned a point from their game against Atletico Grau. That way, the cast of Sergio Castellanos climbed to the third location of the League 2 to add 40 units, being only surpassed by the cusquenos by a point and Athletic Alliance by difference of goals.

Cienciano vs. Santos, possible alignments:

Cienciano: Juniors Barbieri; Jose Cuero, Javier Salazar, Juan Diego Lojas, Deyair Reyes; Jorge Molina, Rudy Palomino, Edinson Kuncho, Hember Valencia; Breno Naranjo, Juan Romagnoli

Saints: Julio Aliaga; Joel Quispe, Jeanfranco Falconi, Andru Linan, Renzo Alfani; Patrick Alva, Matias Mansilla, Johan Sotil, Rodolfo Angeles; Pedro Bautista, Kenji Barrios

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