Citizens of Bolivia meet in the Obelisk after the resignation of Evo Morales


In the afternoon of this Sunday, after becoming known that the president Evo Morales from Bolivia resigned his political position, the citizens of the neighboring country that are in the City of Buenos Aires, began to meet in downtown Buenos Aires, in the immediate vicinity of the Obelisk.

"Long live democracy, long live Bolivia", “Bolivia standing, never kneeling”, shout the people who are currently at the intersection of July 9 and Av. Currents.

At the rhythm of different songs, the people who are in the Obelisk celebrate Evo's resignation, and await current news of the political decisions that will take place from now on in the neighboring country.

Upon Evo's resignation, after 13 years in power, the Bolivian president resigned from his position. It happened after the Armed Forces, the opposition and the Police asked him to leave the presidency. For his part, Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera also made resignation available.

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