Claudio Bravo bowed to the best of all in the splendor of Liverpool


Manchester City lost 3-1 and the leader now has nine of advantage over those led by Pep, who had Bravo playing Premier.

It began as a nightmare for the goalkeeper of the Chilean National Team. Halfway Kevin de Bruyne and Ilkay Gundogan diverted and Fabinho had an ideal space to hit his shot from outside in the right corner of the goal of Claudio Bravo, which flew and even left the arc without the possibility of reaching one of those shots with an impossible destination to anticipate. Manchester City is fourth.

And another ball was quickly inserted into the exact cross-head position of Mohamed Salah when the Egyptian star went ahead of all the visiting defenders and Andrew Robertson noticed it before. Bravo spotted and did not touch the ball; before Fernandinho raised his foot and the same thing happened to him.

Claudio Bravo - Mohamed Salah

Between two markers Roberto Firmino put a left-footed shot so as not to tarnish the personal play of Trent Alexander-Arnold, who overflowed and always controlled with speed and class, but Claudio Bravo placated the win with his two hands on the floor and a bilge. The former Hoffenheim kicked between Kyle Walker's sweep and Bravo covered without perfect vision.

The Brazilian 9 did not stop trying. In the midst of his repositioning, he saw Mohamed Salah free in the center of the attack and assisted him to surprise the Citizen defense, first, opening his foot. But Bravo did not give up either and completed a flight and a difficult detour with his palms. He painted for the goal of the match.

Aguero and Angelino, making Alisson work and with a stick respectively, registered in the first half the opposition of Guardiola's pupils. Minimum considered the effectiveness Red. Minimum was overnight.

In the first one that they demanded in the complement, they nailed the 3 to 0. Jordan Henderson had a serious intention for the tip of Angelino, of which he touched more with Bravo when he felt pressed, and could center before the baseline . Walker trusted himself and did not take Sadio Mane, who was waiting concentrated. The Senegalese took advantage and nodded to the stick of Bravo, which he touched and could not completely contain.

Then Jurgen Klopp concentrated his efforts on ultimately converting his advantage of three. He failed, with a 4-5-1 of neat and compact lines, because he discounted Bernardo Silva with a powerful definition from afar. Liverpool did not finish off the arch of Bravo in the last third. In an hour he had already met the goal of getting nine points to an unproductive City that erred on the roads to take some loot from Anfield and his possession game (he ended up failing despite his 80-20 in favor) and Bravo on his return to The Premier League after 546 days stopped two of five shots (40% of saves) and successfully completed a total of 30 passes (tried 33). Beaten but influential against the best in the league.

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